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Sep 22, 2006
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After Kina and then Bexxies lo starting to wake in the night having slept through, its now Kayleigh who is waking in the night, last night was in bed at usual time of 10.30, but woke at 2.30 for 30 min feed, then woke again at 5 (but when back off by time i'd got pjs on).

The night b4 she woke at 4.30 for 30 min feed.

Thanks guys for passing it on:rofl:

I'm shattered, esp as i getting up at 6am every other day for work.

I hope its a growth spurt, and not ready for weaning, 'cos if its the latter i've got another 3 weeks of it.
Sorry hon! Past two nights Alex has been down at 8 and up at 12.30/1.30, 3.30/4.30 and 6.30. Tonight he didn't go down til a min ago and I'm shattered too (plus Ella's poorly and just puked in the bath). You have my full sympathy and I don't even work!!

Argh he's awake!
Oh no Kina, hope Ella gets better soon. There semms to be nasty tummy bug doin the rounds.
I had that with Charlie. He was a fantastic little baby and slept wonderful until 3 months, then he changed. He's not 10 months and it's hit and miss whether he sleeps through now. Last night, he went bed at 6.45, woke at 8pm, would not go back sleep until 10pm, then woke at 3.05am (but went back sleep on his own) then fast off until 6.15.

The night before, he went bed at 6.30, up at 1.00am and back at 2.05, then sleep till 7am.

But the night before, he went bed at 6.45 and slept until 6.00am!
Wish Ewan would sleep through!! he is 2 in 2 months and has yet to sleep through.
Well thankfully she slept last night. She went from 10.30 til 6.45:headspin:

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