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    So DH and I have been married just over a year, together for just over two, and we've been waiting to try until we know we'll be able to handle it emotionally and financially. I'm ready to be a mom 100%, but hubby is still somewhat worried about it and wants to wait at least another year. Not a huge deal.

    BUT I've been feeling some weird symptoms lately such as breast pain (and I've gone up a cup size), always mild cramps, constant bloated feeling, very sore tailbone and hips, nausea in the morning when I switch from coffee to anything else, a weird cold that isn't really there but isn't getting better, sudden intense hunger but no appetite, being on edge constantly as if I'm about to snap or cry over anything (definitely more crying lately), peeing twice as much, and serious fatigue. Plus some even weirder stuff like swollen tender gums, back aches all the way up, very sensitive skin, and belly aches that are worst when hubby lays across my stomach and puts pressure on my belly. Also, sorry about the tmi, but I don't have regular cycles since stopping the pill for health reasons in December. (The last one was almost 3 weeks late and was only medium-ish bleeding for a day, then it was just very light for 5 more, which usually AF only lasts 5 days and is heavy for three of 5. Plus I had weird VERY light spotting for 4 days about 3 weeks before that.) But because of that I do cervix checks every few days just to get a feel of where I'm at in my cycle and for literally every cycle until now my cervix is almost always very firm with very little softness, with varying discharge. Now it's like a sunken marshmallow with lots of creamy white discharge, always. Again, sorry for the tmi.

    Anyway, I'm getting concerned that waiting may not be an option. Has anyone else been through these symptoms, and what was your outcome? I feel like I'm crazy right now and I don't know if I'm just symptom spotting because I want to be a mom and know what to look for or if I should be concerned. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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