Need some advice and opinions regarding BF & Fluoxetine.

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by miss h, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Hey ladies, Could really do with some advice regarding breastfeeding and taking fluoxetine. Sorry in advance about the long post.

    To cut a long story as short as possible: I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder back in 2008. I have a degree in psychology and worked within the mental health field so I know a lot about the disorder and the medications(e.g.the way they work). My main problems are when my moods go very low - I have only really had a couple of manic (high) episodes so don't really consider these problematic. I have been off and on this medication and that since my diagnosis and came off all medication when I found out I was pregnant (not a rash decision). I also saw a psychologist who helped me to recognise the signs of my mood changing and things I can do to stop it.

    Unfortunately, when I was around 20 weeks PG I had a massive mood crash and had to go back on medication. My G.P and psychiatrist agreed that fluoxetine would be the safest as it is one of the oldest "new-generation" SSRIs so has the most research done on it's affects. As before both were happy for me to adjust my own dose according to how I felt. I started on 40mg and as my mood lifted went down to 20mg. Because I am pretty well at the moment I take 20mg on alternative days. I don't particularly want to stop taking it as I am high risk for PND.

    I have mentioned to my G.P, Midwife, Psychiatrist and Health Visitor that I really, really want to try breastfeeding. All have told me that it's not a problem and that fluoxetine is safe when breastfeeding even though it is found in breast milk. However, when doing my own research nearly everything I have read contradicts this. :nope:

    At the moment I am really feeling at a loss as to what to do. My OH wants me to listen to my G.P and Psychiatrist etc. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow morning so will definately bring it up then.

    Just really, really need some advice please ladies.
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    Your best to speak to your psychiatrist and perhaps ask what evidence base he/she is using to tell you its ok to breast feed, or you could ring the drug manufacturer and ask them what research has been done.

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