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Sep 3, 2006
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Ladies can you help me out here right as things are definately over with me and the o/h im not sure where i stand with reagrds to the house etc and my work i currently only do 1 day a week is it actualy worth me working or not? And as for the house i was wondering how the hell i can afford to live here as the rents so high i cant afford to pay it on my own let alone all the bills so im so unsure of what im meant to be doing and the way i go about it. Also with the tax credits i know i can still recieve them as a simgle person but is the payment likely to go down at all to what it is at the moment?? Sorry to waffle on but i just really need some advie as my heads all over the place right now and could do with some friendly advice O:)
Payments will go up as you will get a single parent eleiment (mine went down when Gav and i got together, i lost the single parent eliment)
Go to CAB about the house and the job cetre about benifits ... DSS etc, your landlord may accept it.
As for working you will not lose anything on benifit as you work less than 16hrs so to keep you sain and that extra £30 prob worth you staying.
You should be able to get urgent help with money if you go to your local job centre and explain.
sorry i couldn't be more help, sorry to hear about this, It's the first i have seen/read about it.

I'm not sure how benefits would go ...

Housing yes you would be intitled to help .... you don;t have to tell your landlord though you can have the rent paid straight to you however if theres a month of struggle you would maybe be best finding out how much you are entitled to roughly and just letitng them know what your doing & hope they understand a little wait whist your claim is processed.

I am sorry to hear about you & OH :( :hugs:
Thanks ladies its a great help im just terrified of living a single life with just me and the kids :cry:
Sorry forgot to say the yax credits are due to make a payment on the 30th are they likely not to pay this one as the circumstances have changed?
depends how quick they sort it hun, can be done in 48 hours or 6 month in my case! but tht was obv under diff circumstances!
No .... shouldn't think so

Mine have changed also and they paying me out next month but sending me out amended papers .......

council will sort out housing and CT benefits

other than that, CAB and JC+
may mate is a single mum to ans she lives in a private rented house she gets help of the council
I know you are probably scared and your head is spinning, but you can do this. It's amazing what we can do when there's no other choice. If you're absolutely sure things are over, keep your head and DON'T look back. I struggled for several years as a single mom and I wouldn't trade one day. I learned I was stronger than I ever thought. I realized that nobody holds the keys to my destiny, but me. Will there be hard days and tough times? Absolutely, but every time you look at your kids, you're inspired to take one more step! Consider this a many times in life do we get a brand new beginning? It's all about how you look at it.

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