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Aug 31, 2006
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Erm starts at 5AM???

Poor S-I-L has to be at work for 4!!

Bloody madness .... who wants to go shopping at 5am?? :wacko:

Erm also ignore my post about getting harry potter at 12.01 THATS important
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

lol im going to be there at around 7 ish... not getting up at 5 pmsl
i went to the new yr sales at 4.30am

it was soooooooooooooooooo busy.......

not again!! i dont see what the big deal is yeah the bits are nice but asda / tesco are cheaper then next sale bits and just as nice and good quality i think Next quality has gone down
Oh my god!! My friend went early, I think she is completely mad. I would rather pay full price then interrupt my beauty sleep.
mil just rang and said shell meet me for 6am... lol
I did mine online this morning at 5.30AM.......It was the first slot I could have.....Had a siesta to make up for it today lol. Got a few bargains.
I went on my slot what a waste of time. Was crap I have most of book anyway lol but agree quality is dire of late
yes by e-mail they e-mail you some times and you pick one it is crap stuff still out of stock. Carp,crap,crap
Well It beat being up and out in the piddling rain!!

I dont think its bad quality stuff, I dont really buy much for myself, but Charlies stuff lasts ages, and Simon's combats last ages too!
Im plannig on getting up and heading to Glasgow Fort for 5/6ish!

I swear by their stuff for kids so it will hopefully be worth it!:baby:
nah I prefer Monsoon and Gap that stuff grows with the kids like elastic,then again I love primark and Tesco too
Oh god no, Primark stuff always has wonky seems!!
Maddie has some lovely tops and trousers from primark ... mum buys them her

Never had a problem!

I aint ever looked passed the socks tbh will have a nose next time I am in,someone said the baby vests are good
They do nice stuff, and it washing ok. But sometime Ive ironed a top and the seams dont match of my pet hates LOL. I like Ethel Austin for cheap stuff!

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