No more TTC for me..... we have split up


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Sep 3, 2006
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Hello Everyone

Just wanna thank you all for your support over the last months, you have all been fab.

Wish you all, all the luck in the world with babies and TTC etc. x

I had a brill holiday but since we have come home he as turned back to gambling and drinking loads again, therefore arguing so we have split.

I am totally devastated and not sure what to do next.

Just wanted to let you all know that thats why I won't be around anymore.

Was due for an ultrasound on wednesday next week but no point now. Had 8 unlucky months of not concieving but - all things happen for a reason....

Take Care All

Love Donna xxxx

Awww hun i don't know what to say!
I would still go for the scan just for your peace of mind?
Millions of hugs for you hunny

Oh Donna hun my heart goes out to you I hope whatever may come next brings you happiness if you can't mend what is broken.

I agree with Hayley though go for that scan it all helps in the future.

Thinking of you lots


Really sorry to hear that. Good luck with the scan.

Hugs hun.

As you said though things happen for a reason, so chin up.

If i were you i would go for the ultrasound too as Wobbles said just for your own peace of mind.

You can still come and chat to us though there's no reason you have to stay away.

:hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hi: :friends:
:hugs: Like you said everything happens for a reason. You will find someone to make you happy! :hugs:
:hugs: nothing i can say will make it better honey, take care of youself and remember we're all here for you if you need us....bxox
Really sorry to hear your news...big hugs!!!

So so sorry babe :hugs: xx
Thanks everyone for your messages. Means a lot.

Jason came round on Monday night with a bunch of flowers and we had a long long chat about things and he wants to stay with me so we are giving it another go..... under new terms.

I have got my ultrasound today and a 'lovely' internal :cry:
Jason is coming with me which is good.

Currently a day late but watch AF arrived when doc is down there!!!! oh oh!!! or maybe the BD on holiday worked???

Update you all later

Donna x
Awww thats lovely that you're working through it under new terms! :hugs:

Hope the scan and the always looked forward to internal goes well.

Aw Donna that is FAB news hun & good on your man for approaching you! Men can be so stubborn so I'm so pleased he went out ofhis way to show hes does love you.

Let us know how today went

That is brilliant news babe!!! Glad is is working out for you!

Hope today went well, let us know how you got on....

Really pleased for you babe! :hugs: xx

Today was fine and not too uncomfortable, although I am glad its over.... Jesus those hospital gowns are sssssssssssooooooooooooo SEXY!!!

They said they could not see any probs with my ovaries and will get my results from my GP in 2 weeks so fingers crossed.

Now onto problem two...... Jase's lack of sperm production !!!! lol.... He's off to the docs on Tuesday!!! lol

How is everyone????

Donna, I am glad you and you OH are woking things out.

I hope everything comes back good with your test.

I'm glad it went ok! :)
G's had to do his thing in a pot twice now! lol!
Would still choose that over all the internals and scans and blood tests and stuff! lol!

When he has a moan about having to do it in a pot just remind him what you've had to go through! lol!!



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