No period...crazy history/symptoms

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    This will be a wierd post so stay with me!

    My period was due today. Its been exact like clockwork for 13 years on bc and for the last year off even with my crazy history.
    I have perfect eggs, ovaries and follicles.
    So Ive never been late in my life only ever early.
    The last week or so, Ive had tingly bbs and some random aches and pains but not strongly obvious of pregnancy but enough to question and wonder especially after my fiancees lack of practice.
    But very simillar to my last pregnancy. It took a few weeks for the girls to really act up. I also had a chest infection during my last so a lot of symptoms were muted and I know I ovulate later in the month
    I keep thinking its starting but so far its only watery cm!

    Ive taken 4 tests and all negative.

    Now I will say that Ive had 2 pregnancies. My first about 11 months ago was ectopic and I lost my left tube. My second one I lost at 8 weeks and had a dnc mid december. After that I had abnormal ultrasounds and went for another dnc right after my last period so in this cycle. That showed all looked normal and I was out of surgery in 15 minutes ‍♀️

    Then we did the deed a week later around my peak window but were not trying.

    Were not trying for the time being after all the loss but I am wondering if my period will come this month or if my body is hiding the pregnancy or who knows what.

    Anyone ever had an experience like this? I know were super fertile especially a week after having my hooohah opened wide up.

    Just needed somewhere to talk about all this thanks.
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