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Dec 29, 2007
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we went to the seaside on saturday, first daytrip with bubs.

it made me realise how little she feeds...

is it normal to see a reduction in the frequency and length of a breast feed?

she's nearly two months old.

fed her before we left for 20 mins. left at 11am.

stopped and fed her at half twelve, 20 mins.

1.20pm fed her for 15 mins.

3pm fed her for 20 mins.

5pm fed her for ten minutes.

6.30 fed her for ten mins.

7.30 fed her for ten mins.

9.30 bedtime feed at home, twenty minutes.

please comment on frequency and length of feed. i've not been monitoring this and i wonder if she's getting enough, often enough?
hasn't been weighed for two weeks, prior to that she was. being weighed on weds, before evil jabs!
does she feed like that every day? it was daisy's christening last week and I fed her 5 times throughout the day, which is really little, but I put it down to having a busy day. She's made up for it since. How is LO feeding today? xxx
woke at 5am fed for 20 mins
7am for 20 mins
8.30 am for 20 mins
10am for 20 mins
11am for 25 mins
12.15 for 15 mins
1.45 for 30 mins

she isn't feeding for very long at all...
Once they figure out how to get the milk out of the breast quickly, some babies only need to feed for 10 mins at a time. I really wouldn't worry about it, as long as she's healthy, happy and having plenty of poos and wees she's getting enough. Just wait for the next growth spurt, you'll be wishing she was only feeding for 10 mins at a time lol
My LO only ever feeds for 5-10 minutes. She's never spent a long time on the breast. I wouldnt worry at all. Sounds perfectly normal xxx

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