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Now i know why its so cold here.....

its been trying to snow all day here but it just aint sticking
I put my heat back on. So glad we have extra gas on the meter to last the week

OMG really!! Its been sunny here!! Just clouded over about an hour ago and have had a few spots of rain. The wind is chilly but other than that its not that cold really. I laughed this morning coz i thought it was funny that the MET office said there would be snow and it was sunny!!!
We ar supposed to have snow here tomorrow, its been freezing cold all day ! a bit gutted really as last week the weather was gorgeous and i was thinking 'ahh summer is on the way' but now it feels like winter again!!!!
I got a sun burn today......:haha: I guess this is an advantage to living in California:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Jammy cow Suz! :baby:

We had hail for a bit, but it was FREEZING cold all day, we had our heating on 30!!!! Then early hours this morning it snowed really heavy, but never settled:cry:

But the sun is shining and the skies are blue, so not all bad :)
We had a weeny bit of snow this morning .. but only lasted about half an hour and didnt really come to anything .. still a bit overcast now and bloody cold!!!

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