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Now this is cool


I'm an old bag!
Sep 1, 2006
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Just diddling on forum still and found this!!!
You can see who's looking at what and stuff

BTW what the hell is Yahoo Slurp Spider???

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Slurp is an automated Yahoo bot that searches the forum and saves each page and puts it on their search engine (does that make sense LOL)

(and Google Spider is the same but for Google).

Did you notice when you copied & pasted it pasted the images too not jus the typing! :mrgreen:
Thanks for That S.C:D

Yeah i noticed that wobble, it's brill i love this new board, keep finding summat new to play with LOL

had to edit though as it showed my messages etc.. and wasn't sure if other people could click or not, not that there is anything in there but ya know....
Oh big brother is watching you!
Deffo Cat thats what i thought :D

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