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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by ButterCupJoJo, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Well as the title says, i'm feeling blue.. Feeling rather down tonight, have felt rather rubbish, run down/deflated over the past few days.. I feel like I have a cold but then i'm ok.. Then have a cry and a giggle and yes everything just seems so jumbled about that i'm confusing myself on what and how I feel!

    My youngest boy Lucas hasn't been sleeping well at all either he has been waking up a lot as he has a bad chest infection and was nearly admitted to hospital a few days ago because the poor little mite had a low blood oxygen levels. He is on antibiotics and oral steriods for his chest infection.. So the shergold house hold is very sleep deprived right now, so we hope Lucas gets better very soon!

    Also had a lot going on and just feel rushed off my feet with nursery runs, work and everything else day to day life brings as well with pregnancy! I just needed somewhere to rant and get a little off my chest.

    So i've just watched i'm a celeb chilling out on the bed, well indeed that was the plan but it never become chilled as little man was sick all over me after running into our room so spent most of it comforting him and having some cuddles. I'm now heading to get in to bed but doubt I will actually sleep because I feel so rubbish I can't sleep!!

    Anyway girls.. I'm sorry for ranting :(
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    I hope you and Lucas feel better soon :hugs:
  3. Thank you hun, he is getting on the mend

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