Ok HONEST opinion what you think??


Aug 31, 2006
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Ok hit me with it what you think guys .........
Tis a little bit bright.......Might hurt my eyes on a sunny day! Could even attract insects if the weather is nice?

Who's is it?
lol admit its a little different but hey tis boring havin the same buggy!

I do like the style tho...as In the fact that you've got the seperate bits for sitting & lying down. It also looks like the carry cot bit comes out.....really handy!
See I'm a wimp when it comes to different.....I like to blend in!

You're right tho tis boring having the same as everyone else!!
To buy this buggy in black was gonna be like this:

£297 - cheepest price buggy only
£79- Cheepest carrycot
£34x2 - Cheepest footmuffs
£18x2 - cheepest Parasols

so like £500 cause you have to get raincover too

That just cost me ............

£225 with:

1x carrycot and free raincover :)

Well if you like it then its a fab bargin!

I wish we'd waited with buying our pram....every other person I see has got it now and its really psd me off that I'm just another person with it! I thought it was quite different when we got it!
Its nice and bright, need to watch it doesnt mark easy tho! Take good care of it!x
TBH i wasn't too keen then thought it would look really funky with black cosy toes and parasols

Nah itll look fine. It has black on it so will go together fine
I was just gonna order main pram then thought "just check e-bay 1 last time" and there it was!!

Im happy lol saved myself over £300!!

I like it, i think lime green is nice (hence why i have just bought that colour lol)
like you said black accesories will look lovely :)
you asked me to have a look last night, sorry was doing my cd for wedding, hmmm not to sure, all i saw green,but then looked at it again, and its nice, the way they are sat side by side. and the carry cot goes with it and the price.

Have you brought it hun or going to?
Brought it last night ....

It's brand new and being sold as the order was cancelled so i grabbed it ...

At £225 for the carrycot and buggy with raincover was a bargin!

The more i look at the colour i LOVE it ...... Who wans the same pram as everyone else, plus i reckon with black acessorize will look fabby!

i think its really really nice hun!

nice and different :)
The Au-pair hates it .....

Gav loves it cause it not pink and he can push it without looking "queer" as he put it lol

Once you get it covered in puke and poop it wont be so bright ;)
I like it but then I do have a bugaboo in the brightest pink so my opinion may not count lol

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