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OMG I'm going to have a baby


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Sep 4, 2006
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I have everything ready for baby apart from my hospital bag, but I feel so unprepared.

I'll be totally responsible for a little person and it's just hit me how soon and I'm getting scared :cry:

I'm scared of the labour more than anything, and DH seeing me in pain, what if I can't do it :cry:
lol uve no choice but 2 do it hun!!! it cant stay in there :hugs: is just some last min nerves, ull b fine :hugs:
i f i can do it and go back for seconds im sure anyone can :hugs:

good luck hun
I'm only 19 weeks, but recently it's been getting to me also.
At the mo Im concentrating on the movements from my little one but when I get to around 25 weeks, thats when it will really start to sink in.
It's the labour thats bothering me a little, at first I wasnt concerned in the slightest but then I actually sat down and thought about it.
I'm sure you'll be fine !!!! :)
With regards to labour I just keep reassuring myself that it is natural, woman were designed to do it, it's what we were born to do (I mean in a physical sense) and a lot of people do it again and again and again... my Mum's friend has had SEVEN babies for example... (all girls too lol).
its gone so quickly hasnt it?!

You will be fine hun, im sure of it, great mum :D

If it helps I dont think anyone ever feels truly prepared, I have done it once before but still wonder how Im going to manage.

I know first time round I was not scared about the actual labour as I had done a lot of reading first so I knew about the differnt stages of labour and what means what etc, so its wasnt all just stepping out into the void, TBH when it all happens you just go with it all and its really not as scarey as you think, its more before hand a fear of the unknown. So its certainly work preparing yourself as much as possible, reading about labour, and pain relief, birthing positions, talking to your OH so he understands whats going to happen and what you expect from him etc.

As for looking after the newborn, this was the scariest bit for me, as Im the baby of the family Ihad no prior experience of children, or babies, and had never even help one. I was scared I wouldnt know how to feed or change them properly or hold them right etc, I had no clue! but its amazing how much just comes naturally, it really is instinctive.

Dont worry the way your feeling is normal, but it really will work out fine.
Hun i totally understand!

BUT .... Im going back for more lol!! ... TBH i can't remember that much of my labour, just ask for drugs lol!! didn't feel pain either!

Looking after maddie was like "OMG what am i gonna doooooo" but like cat says it just seems to come natural ...

You know what hunni ... you'll do great :)

:hugs: Awe, In no time you will be a Wonderful Mom!:hugs: It will all be worth it!:hugs:
So just 5 weeks until I start to believe what's happening to me then? :headspin: I wondered when that would happen :lol: At the moment, I still can't quite believe I'm pregnant and despite all the stuff that seems to be accumulating I can't actually believe I'm going to be a mother. It feels a bit like that feeling just before you go on holiday and it doesn't seem real.
good luck all the best u will fine u will find the inner strenght all teh best !!!!
aww MRS E dont worry this is my 3rd and you just forget about all that pain
i told my sle when i was in labour every pain that you get is one step closer to this little bundle of joy and soon as the baby is born the pain has gone even tho i get a few twinges now and again i still think ohh no what the heck have i done but i know im going to have a beautiful daughter at the end try not to worry just think every pain one step closer

good luck xxx

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