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Our Sperm Donor is Our Best Friend


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Jan 21, 2018
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Recently, my fiance and I started talking about having kids. She and I have been together about 2 years and we're both very young. I've always known that I want to be younger than 25 by the time I have my first child and she feels the same way so I'm here looking for information.
One of her best friends/coworkers agreed to be our donor. Both of our donors. It was actually very odd how it happened... One day we were talking about him being our sperm donor just because he's very attractive, successful, hardworking, well-rounded, etc. and the next day we went to his house to hang out and he mentioned us having kids in the future and just offered. He said he would want to be in the kid's life a little bit, not as a parent of course but still I'm nervous as I know this isn't traditional. We are also not planning on having kids at the same time but also want to share a donor so our kids have the chance of having similar traits.
We have also been researching methods of at home insemination and have come to the conclusion that most women either do it the traditional way (not an option for us), with a menstrual cup, or with a kit. i was wondering if any of you ladies know of any success stories using these methods? I saw a few from Youtube but I want to hear other accounts. Thanks!
We did at home insemination with a known donor for a while. He would do his business into a cup and then my wife would insemination me using a syringe. It did work once, however that ended in a miscarriage. I've known other couples how have had full term pregnancies using that method.

We also did in office insemination using a known donor. With my OB, we would bring the sample in to the office in a cup (literally in a paper bag, lol) and they would wash it/do an IUI. With an RE we later ended up using, he would provide the sample in office and they would wash it and freeze there, to be thawed when it's time to do an IUI.

I ended up getting pregnant with my daughter from frozen donor sperm (things fell through with our known donor).

I can talk to you more about the details and logistics of using a known donor. There are definitely pros and cons to everything. Where it got tricky for us is that I didn't get pregnant easily/quickly. It's one thing to ask someone to be your donor, it's another when they have to essentially be "on call" month after month. It sounds like your donor may be more local to you which makes things easier - ours lived about 5 hours away so there was travel involved.

Also - you'll definitely want a donor agreement, just so everyone is legally protected.
Both my kids were convinced using at home AI. I carried our first - and I was also young, I got pregnant at 19 - who is now almost 10. I then got pregnant twice 2011 and had two miscarriages and decided not to pursue having more kids. Five years later my wife and I decided to try again, only with her as biomum this time. Got pregnant first try an youngest is 2 next month. It does work. You just have to get your timings spot on.

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