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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by star-dust, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. star-dust

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    When you OV do you have to have thickened CM?

    Its been 19 days since the first day of AF (so is that CD19?! I dont know!) if I am working out on a 6 week cycle I should OV around now?!

    I ask is just today I have been (Sorry if tmi in advance just dont know how else to discribe it!) leaking almost water but not wee, if that makes sennse?

    So basically what other signs are there for OV that are not just thickened CM!?

  2. honey08

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    Jul 20, 2008
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    when O ur cm is described as egg white cm cos this is wot its suppose2look like,but "watery" is also a sign of fertilite cm and O is guna occur, u shud get ur self on fertilityfriend.com as it tells u all this, its fab! u cud start charting and taking ur temp every morning as ur temp goes really low on day of O, u cud get some opk test and when u get a pos u shud O 12-36hrs after and see wot ur cm is like then...hope this helps, not every1 is the same tho and some dont even notice it ! if uv a 6wk cycle i think u wud O around 3-4wk in2ur cycle :)
  3. Omi

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    May 22, 2007
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    You dont have to have it..but it helps as it is part of the environment that helps the sperm swim up the cervix etc and catch the egg- it latches on to the stringiness of the ewcm to swim up.

    it is possible to have what is called 'hostile cm' which means it doesnt let the sperm through the cerivix, or worst case, kills the sperm.

    However, this is rather rare and in your case i would look at ways to increase it if this is your worry.

    As far as pinpointing ov- there are no better ways than using opk's-but better yet, temping. I dont do temping but its a foolproof way. I use a cbfm and it tells me when i am about to ovulute and when i have. Your cm can be a great help in telling you when you are fertile-however its not an indicator of ov as it can happen at any time during ov- you can have residual estrogen in your system which will produce ewcm even after ov. I.e. i had ewcm for a week before i ov'd this month as o ov'd late.

    Basically, there's no easy way in this ttc malarkey except fighting it out and hoping for the best!!

    Good luck, Omi xxx
  4. browneyedshorty81

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    Aug 5, 2008
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    what OMI said! she went into it all :) LOL
    good luck hun
  5. star-dust

    star-dust Guest

    thanks for the reply, i think it makes sense (all so confusing) Im gonna hunt down this fertility thing and try and make sense of it all!

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