pain in the arse of a fiance

Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by thedog, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. thedog

    thedog Guest

    lets just say im in a big age gap relationship, im engaged.
    My fiance moved up from southampton over a year ago to live with me and since then he has never gotten a job.
    I really dont need the stress at the moment, why wont he just attempt to try to find work, even if he tried and failed i wouldnt mind, its the fact he's only applied for two jobs in the past 15months which is bothering me.
    whenever i talk to him about it he says he isnt having this convo with me and gets in a right strop.
    We live together.
    I really dont know what to do. :cry:
  2. thedog

    thedog Guest

    i just want this little baby to be okay, im so scared something will go wrong. i wish i could have time to myself for a few days but thats impossible atm.
  3. trashit

    trashit Guest

    You shouldnt have to but take him to the job centre, let him use their computers with the jobs on, make him apply to them all. Apply for him online etc. Its hard finding work but just tell him its not gonna come too him. If your struggling for money he could sign on for now?x
  4. thedog

    thedog Guest

    Hiya hun he is signed on but im still worried we won't be able to afford this and that. he does look at jobs but he says they are 'no good' argh even if he just got a normal job for now he could still look for something better soon. I dont think he realises how much its getting to me, im also looking for part time work and im pregnant so he should be doing the same really.

    how are you? xx
  5. AP

    AP Well-Known Member

    Jan 14, 2009
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    i cant believe he decided to ttc with you but not make a bigger effort to find a job! did he think money grew on trees? and if hes older - he should know better.

    kick his ass now huni, and good on ya or looking for work just now :hugs:
  6. trashit

    trashit Guest

    Im good thankyou :flower: you? Any job is good enough when you have a baby to provide for, just tell him that :D x
  7. thedog

    thedog Guest

    Thats the thing really, i feel awful cause ive wanted a child for ages i just didnt realise i would get pregnant so quickly, and now im terrified, i dont want anything to go wrong i love my little one already even if its only the size of a pinhead - lol. Im okay at the moment, we have made up again, i think its mainly my hormones going abit mental right now, and the fact only me and him knows (and everybody here :D ) so i havent told my parents, bro sis etc yet, which i think is really bothering me.
  8. xforuiholdonx

    xforuiholdonx Momma to Emma and Coltin!

    Aug 15, 2009
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    God men are such knuckleheads most of the damn time. :) breath shake off hormones and attempt to not kill him haha lol. Hope your feeling better today.
  9. thedog

    thedog Guest

    I've had a much better day thanks hun, i went round my sisters house and made a snowman with her two kids (hannah aged 2 harvie aged 1) and when i came home we went doing our christmas food shop so i chucked loads of things in the trolley and thought 'f*ck it!' just got back now absolutley tired and gonna give the house a good clean tomorrow ready for crimbo!

    How are you doing?Xx

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