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Oct 25, 2006
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i have terrible ear ache - never had it before - what causes it? never realised how much pain it was.
But all my ear inside feels bruised, is that what ear ach is ment to be like?

and what can i take for it

:cry: :cry:
all you can really do hun is take pain killers and maybe put some cotton wool inside it. many things can cause it like a buld up of wax of a draught in your ear but i still say ear ache and tooth ache are worse than labour pains :hugs::hugs:

if it doesnt get any better by tomorrow i would get an appointment with your gp as soon as you will be able to just to get it checked out :hugs::hugs:
parecetomol or ibuprofen, then go to drs in morning, poss ear infection, so may need antibiotics
thanks hun

feeling mega sorry for myself:hissy:

i do clean my ears nearly every day and i heard it does more harm then good doing it to often
yeah i think it ca compact it all, is it just painful or is your hearing affected.
well i cleaned my belly button every day with tcp and now 2 kids later it stinks went to the docs incase it was infected and i was told i have took all the waterproofing off around my skin and thast why it smells :blush: i thought it was just cos i was a bit more flabby around their but their you go thast what i was told i was cleaning it far too much :blush:

hope it goes away hun i hate being in pain :cry::hugs::hugs::hugs:
yeah i think it ca compact it all, is it just painful or is your hearing affected.

hearing is fine

my ear inside feels all bruised and sore to touch and its giving me shooting pains

all the side of my head is starting to hurt,

really weestar?? how strange, ew i bet the smell aint to nice lol where i take my belly button piercing out it smells
sorry to ask this but do you have your wosdome teeth in yet? i remeber when my first top one came in i thought my ear was going to fall off i was screaming with the pain and 3 weeks later it poped through, just a thought though but could be wrong though ;)
and yeah it does get a but stinky :blush: but i clean it even more now 3 times a day i get paranoide incase anyone can smell it :rofl::blush:
its prob an ear infection, when my ear got blocked and needed syringing i went deaf in that ear, was a bit embarrassing at work, gave the old dears a run for there money:rofl:.

Hope you feel better soon, try a heat pack/hot water bottle too.:hugs::hugs::hugs:
i cut one on the other side of my mouth about 6 days ago

its only hurt a bit no ear ache.... maybe your right it might be the next one coming though

omg i am such a wussy i am never ill or poorly so when i am i hate it and feel soooooooooo sorry for myself:hissy:

going to make kris go to the 24hr chemist i need pain killers before i kil him
no they just squirted a load of warm water in, everything was really loud tho. Had to put drops in for a few days first to soften wax, was a relief when i'd had it done.
Sounds like an infection hun, i would rather go through labour than get toothache or earache
Worst thing to do is clean ears with a cotton bud, i learnt the hard way when i got a major rollocking from my nurse as i went deaf in one ear and was all compacted

If you have been prodding too much it could be a perforation as well, did it start not long after you last cleaned them??

You deff need to go to docs either way or your hospital walk in centre
get a cold flannel put on ear area then try warm,i get all the time so know how bad they are i would rather give birth.

take Iburofen and Paracetamol and ask docs fr some ear drops as well as anti-biotics you must go and get it treated or it could perforate.

went to the doctors she looked inside said my ear drum is fine but the cannel is all red.
she gave me some anti biotixs

its still painfill but i am taking loads of pain killers

thanks for all you advice girls
i have earache toooo im feeling sorry 4 myself :cry:
Fell better soon hun and DON'T poke it lol!!!


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