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Parking the car


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Oct 24, 2006
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My sister had to do it for me earlier today as I couldn't turn around properly to see behind me when I was reversing and I was still miles away from the kerb (reverse parallel park). I hit both vans either side of the gap (one was Matt's dads) and you could have parked a tank in the space :oops: Plus Matt, my stepdad and sisters OH were all watching me out the window and shouting, oooooh the shame. They did say that I had a big bump though which made it harder :oops:
I hate parking at the best of times but it is getting more difficult now. I could barely get out f the car when i got home from work i'd nearly ceased up. S'poose its my own fault, went to pay visa bill at bank at lunchtime and it nearly killed me :roll: I managed ok last month but even on crutcjes i was in agony by the time i got back to work. Won't be doing that again :oops:

What really gets me when you park the car is the dimwit who parks really close so that its virtually impossoble for a "normal person" to get in the car but with a huge bump its riduculous. The other day it was such asqueeze i nearly had to go back to work to get one of the girls to reverse the car out so i could get in :oops: You could do with a sticker on the window that tells ppl to leave room :rofl:
i didn tno you drove Kina.

are you alot bigger this time round?

i was neat with Dior but 2nd time round i felt HUGE
I cant forward park believe it or not,lol

I have a Scenic which is good to reverse as is so high up,but the front is sooo long i cant see bugger all.

I am good at parking but not paralell no-way hate it never attempt it ever would rather walk an extra mile,lol

did u know taht ur allow to take ur seatbelt off while reversing when ur pregant as it restricks you my driving instrustor told me that if this is any help
Yes I was told you could remove seat belt too
I don't normally reverse with seat belt on, normally take it off.
Dionne said:
i didn tno you drove Kina.

are you alot bigger this time round?

i was neat with Dior but 2nd time round i felt HUGE

I'm the same Dionne, was neat first time but this time it's exploded lol. Maybe it's because we've had them close together? I do drive but we share a car so I don't drive that often. I was driving every day in the summer trying to find things to do with Ella, but now I only do it once every couple of weeks.

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