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I know this is daft but I really think I need PCOS looked into more! Is there a certain time in month that they should look into it? I relate to a lot of those symptoms!!

  • acne - yip
  • excess body or facial hair - I know most of us have hair when u look closer but I get one or 2 on my chin ok not uncommon but still a thought.
  • unexplained fatigue - yer i think i can relate to that
  • sugar craving - pretty much coffee too i have to have coffee an i have to have 2 sugars (in any hot drink in fact or I go mad lol)
  • excess weight around the waistline - yip i don't eat much tbh an im not a sweet person yet weight sticks
  • mood swings - er yip
  • hot flushes (heat intolerance and excess sweating) in young women - yes to hot flushes ...I do sweat a lot an heat annoys me
  • sleep disorders including sleep apnoea - can relate to this also
  • recurrent spontaneous miscarriages - obvious
AG what symptoms can you relate to?
Have you net been tested for this charl????

Am surprised!

If not i hope you can get tests sorted and find out more!

Well just those standard blood tests but I'm starting to think that wasn't exactly how it should work - It wasn't on any specific date in my cycle.
Symptoms i relate to:

-Irregular or no periods
-Excess body or facial hair
-Unexplained fatigue
-Sugar craving
-Excess weight around waistline (my bottom half is a 16/18 but my top half can fit into tops as small as a size 12!)
-Mood swings
-Sleep disorders

I also have a slightly underactive thryroad which i have read can be related
Did you have the cycle day 21 test? Thats the one that i had that determined a possiblity of pcos
i can relate to...

irregular or no periods

acne (just started to get little bits :()

excess body or facial hair (only very mild)

unexplained fatigue

Sugar craving

excess weight around the waistline

mood swings

hot flushes (heat intolerance and excess sweating) in young women

acanthosis nigricans: rough, dark skin in the neck folds and arm pits: a mark of severe insulin resistance from any cause (arm pits are very dark, i use skin bleach :( )

How do you guys deal with the sugar cravings and fatigue?
A friend of mine has this and she has the excess hair, and bless her she has it really bad on her face, I mean she used to shave twice a day. Now she has to have tablets, which played havoc with her until they found the right ones for her and some form of hospital treatment too....

See if you can get a test for it Wobs.....worth a shot! x
I just get on with it AG but I've never really paid attention an nope I was not tested at any certain day of my cycle AG in fact although I told them over an over they didn't even pay attention to the fact I know when I O etc. Hmmmm

Tam what were the tablets can you find out & what were they for? Like Layla only mild but when you look at most women (watch you all run to the mirror lol) most of us do on a closer look. Also my family have the same only worse as they got oler eek :rofl:
I will ask her babe, but I know they are prescribed for a severe case, they are full of hormones, so I guess it would have to be mega to get them? But I don't know that for sure.....I will ask her babe!
Like I can't get other ways :rofl: I'm a littlw worried to looking like my AUntw hen I'm in my 40's :rofl: nah curious tbh :D
hi there,

i have pcos, i have known about it for 7 years and my aunt has it as it can be genectic. that i know of there isnt a certain time in the month to be tested for pcos. i had all the symtoms so they gave me a blood test and it came back fine, you should be offered a scan which i had and they saw straight away that i have pcos. i was put on to metformin and all my symtons went it was great, but then after about a year and a half it stopped working cuz my body was so used to it, so they put me on the highest dosage and they seemed to work.after about 2 years of trying for a baby i concieved the docs
where just about to give me clomid to help me get pregnant but didnt need it. my aunt has known about her pcos for about ten years. she was trying to concieve for 2 years the docs put her on clomid and she fell pregnant with in 3 months. but she was taking metformin before which worked for her as well.
metformin isnt just for pcos suffers which are over wieght even though it can help i wasnt over wieght at all. you have to eat a well balanced diet to help with the symtons, because its all to do with insulin.
* I hit puberty young in the sense of body hair and stuff
* this year I have had 2 periods,one of which was because I came off the pill
* my skin is horrendous
* I have what they call a 'happy trail' on guys-I'm not so happy about it.These hairs are black and my natural hair colour is blonde.
* I sleep ridiculous amounts,and find it extremely hard to find the energy to do anything
* I think I may be addicted to junk food.I kid you not.
* I often experience headrushes on standing up
* excess weight in general
* I was sleeping with my boyfriend for 8 months...nothing.I have also had sex on numerous other occassions without using anything.
* mood swings - well I am a teenager!
* I sleep badly but don't think its a disorder
* I have had a spontaneous miscarriage before

There we go.

I have been for scans and the doctor has told me that it is more than likely I have PCOS.

Her advice?

"Don't leave having kids til you're 39"

Anyone who wants to talk about this then please drop me a line
Hi there pcos cannot just be diagnosed through a blood test you would also need an internal scan to check your ovaries sometimes your ovaries can be polycystic but your hormone levels can show up differently at certain times of the month. If your really concerned you should ask your doctor to refer you for a scan. Hope this helps Nic x
Howdy. I have PCOS as well. Diagnosed by symptoms and TVUS...seeing all those cysts was NOT a happy moment for me. I have the irregular periods, excessive body hair, middle weight, heat aversion. It SUCKS. When I was 12 I got my first AF and since then it's been a nightmare. I had to miss a month of HS cause I was bleeding HEAVY non-stop, then I would go 6 months with it, 1 week w/o it and then another 6 months with it..and the next year it would go to 6 months w/o it a week with it, etc...SO annoying! I started with provera in January and then with Clomid in July and after two cycles of it (and them saying I didn't ovulate on the second one) I got a BFP! Woo Hoo! I can be done! Just wondering how we're going to control AF once I have the baby...BCPs I guess...yuck.
Hi guys!
I too have pco but not the syndrome. I had the internal scan and a blood test which was fine, but I didn't realise that the test should be done at a particular time during the cycle (that's probably why mine was fine). My AF's have always been irregular, but especially since coming off the pill last October. I am still waiting to see a gyno. Hopefully won't have to wait too much longer to get something sorted.
Its odd for me to say.
I didn't have many symptoms.
I was slim, I loved ice-cream but I think that was just me.
I have large breasts,
I'm not hairy,
I didn't sleep much, was kind of hyper active.
I didn't know about my periods, I was on the pill.
I started my periods when I was 16.
The only thing that pointed towards something not being quite right was a sharp stabbing pain I had once mid cycle, I collapsed and had to go home, the doc said not to worry, but he didn't even come out to see me.

Then I came off the pill.
My periods stopped. I was living in Spain at the time so I paid to see a gynea. After a scan he said I had a cyst the size of an orange. After tablets it cleared up, I found that hard to believe, I was preparing myself to go to Barcelona for an op. Gynea recommended that I go on a pill he prescribed and told me not to come off for a year.

I came off over a year later. I ballooned, I mean I put on 6 stone at least, I was craving sweet stuff all the time, it left a metallic taste in my mouth, I was depressed and tired all the time and my periods came about 3 times a year. I was trying for a baby with my ex hubby for 2 years before an internal scan found my string of pearls over my ovaries and I was diagnosed.

I can't describe the pain of hearing that there was something wrong. My GP gave me Merformin and kept a close eye on me.

It was like a miracle drug to me. All the weight fell off, the cravings stopped and I was back to my old self, apart from the cycles. They never really returned to normal.

6 years later I am in a new relationship and after resigning myself to the fact I was going to need help with conceiving and starting a nursing degree I fall pregnant, unexpected.

Can you believe it?

I tell Bubbas Daddy that Bubba was probably just waiting for the right Daddy to come along, we are over the moon.

So there is hope, my best friend has PCOS, and I pray for her to be blessed also, she deserves it so much.

PCOS is such a strange thing.
Sorry......:blush: I'm rambling now.

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