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Phobias and weird things


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Aug 31, 2006
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OK, so we all have our weird things that we do or hate and things that creap the bejesus out of us.
mine are
moths, butterflies and all beasties that fly
the fact my cat stares at walls for hours looking at nothing, or puffs up and spits to mid air...

my weird things are
someone rubbing my eyebrows the wrong way (everyone laughs at this)
cds in no order
bookcases that dont look organised....
and toilet paper the wrong way on the holder (has to go down at the back)dirty sinks

what are everyone elses wee traights.....

bxox (ps yes i no i am a complete nutter and will probably have more when i read other peoples)
scraed of moths too

my weird one is making the bed, i have even been known to get up in the night and shake the duvet straight with OH still asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol, i love hearing folks stuff like this...we all have them and its what makes us who we are...
please dont laugh :oops: .......... im absolutely freaked out by anything spotty!!!! :blush: anything with raised spots makes me run away screaming........ :shhh: but please dont tell anyone!!!you are my friends!!! DH once bought me a beautiful pen but it was spotty so i had to take it back, couldnt even bare to pick it up, the shop ordered me another in a different pattern and when i went to pick it up the woman in the shop shouted to her colleage from one end of the shop to other "the lady with the spot thing is here...."
ive never been so embarrased in my life!! especially as my fears are so irrasional!?!?!?!?! :blush:
I think a lot of fears are irrational hun

I am also petrified of bridges i can't understand how they stay up!!!
if we go underone i think its gonna collapse and i close my eyes if we have to drive over one, and if its over water i am worse

OH and Emily think it is dead funny, but i don't know where it cam from :?
irrational fears are always the best ones honey, like my eyebrow thing, oh loves to try and do it and i could honestly cry... :oops:
silly when you cant expain them to others though eh!!
yeah, my best friend has phobias of cottonwool and polystyrene...cant unpack new things like tvs etc without someone else there...she hates the noise, smell(??) and feel of them...yes she says cotton wool makes a horrible noise when you tear it.... :rofl:
ahhhhhhhhhhh, totally with your friend on that one!!!!!!!!!
beatlesbaby66 said:
yeah, my best friend has phobias of cottonwool quote]

My oh is like that to can't touch the stuff or anything made out of cotton,
Scared sh**Less of spiders horrible ruddy things!!

And have a phobia of werid looking clowns EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
I can't bare the sound of nails running down a blackboard :shock: Ewwwwwwwwwww that is awful.

I am petrified of spiders, can't even go into it..........

I don't relish the thought of ever flying.......how does something so heavy stay up, and don't give me all that physics crap, it still weighs tons, so how??? Yet I want to go to NY with a passion :wink:

There are possibly more, but I will have to think about it! xx

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