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Please advise me on pregnancy test


Sep 23, 2006
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I've done 2 pregnancy tests before my period due and both have come up with 2 lines. However, on each, the first line is really faint.

Does this still mean I am pregnant?

Have any of you had a similar result?
If you are only just due your period or just over your hormone level won't always show a deep result in fact that also depends on the test you used (?)

But faint is a line & a line is a line as long as you read the results withing 10 minutes MAX.

I feel its a congratulations to you x
woo hoo!


Yep - now done a third test using clear blue digital and it says pregnant!

So 3 test positive - I think that's confirmed

So excited!!!!!
Awwww congratulations & welcome to BabyAndBump Fizz

:dance: x
Congratulations hun! heres to a very healthy and happy pregnancy! im so jealous!!! i would love another one!
CONGRATS Babe!!! :dance: :dance::dance::dance:
thanks everyone for the warm wishes!!!

I'm just so paranoid about having a miscarriage that I don't want to get too excited.

Fingers crossed!!!
congrats fizz_gig, sending you lots of babyglue. I have just had scan today and it makes everything so real. I can now start to relax and enjoy my pregnancy. Hope you are feeling ok, its perfectly normal and everyone on here is great for support. Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy, look forward to chatting soon, Caroline :hugs:
Thanks caroline,

Can't wait till I get to time of scan. I'm such a worrier that I know I'll just start to worry about something else once the threat of miscarriage is over.

Good luck with yours - bet scan was amazing (my sister has just had hers and was buzzing afterwards) Makes it so real!
I'm still on a high now, even tho I think I'm getting a cold and am starting to feel poo and have to work 2morrow!). I kept wrying that they wouldn't find a baby, they couldn't find the heartbeat and it was twins! See I'm aborn worrier too :hugs: They took ages initially as they thought they saw a second heart beat, I nearly fell off the bed in shock.:rofl: Fortunately it was just a few blood cells. I think you are perfectly normal and most woman share you worries. By then way is this your first pg? Take care and chat soon Caroline XX
yep - first pregnancy!

My husband is a twin - so the thought has gone through my mind.

So pleased for you with the scan!
I'm onto ~3 so if you ever want to ask anything feel free to pm me :D
Everyone has their fears about the scans, but you will all be fine :hugs: xx

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