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Sep 1, 2006
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Does anyone have one of these?
Jacks normal highchair is quite bulky and I thought one of these would be ideal for when we go on holiday as we are in an apartment thing
Also it will be great to take to my mums ect... instead of lugging the normal one with us

I've looked at a few and there is a couple i like
I trust you girls judgement before my own though LOL
I have this one ....


Tis fab and easy to wipe down ....

Maddie has a booster that straps to a chair at my mums ... im not keen incase she wobbles sideways lol but it seems sturdy enough :)

That looks great Imi, i might keep that as a back up if i can't find anything small
was thinking more like what Maddie has at your mums
not sure if this is any good to you hun i thought it was a fab price and ebay have loads too

Thanks weestar, i looked at that eariler but the only thing that put me off was i dont think it folds flat:-k

I was looking at the Saftey 1st ones
https://www.just4baby.co.uk/acatalog/p.html this goes in a neat little package, but have read reveiws which say the tray is tight
Or this one https://www.kiddicare.com/invt/hcpsa1fld?N=364 which is a little cheaper but that makes no odds
There is also a mothercare one that i spotted but can't find it now :dohh:

Just wondered if anyone had used one, so i can just weigh them up etc...
ive never used any of these but their was one in a cafe place we used for adele a few times like the one i showd you only it screws onto the edge of a table like a clamp it was in the 'cappucci man cafe' but again im not sure if they fold down either, will keep looking for ya chick and if i come across any i will let you know as soon as :D
Thanks darl i have mashed my head looking at all the different ones today and at different shops
i know i should have gone with the first one LOL
lol, it is better to shop around though but sometimes it does get confussing i hate shopping for stuff, im a bargin hunter but like going for basic stuff like toothpaste their is just so much to choose from :blush::rofl::rofl:

I've got this one:

Its no longer available from the website I had it from, but its very similar to the Argos one, only mine came with additional attachments like feeding bowls you can attach to the sides instead of putting the tray on.
thats a really nice one Rachie
Does it fold down small?
Is it the summer Infant? I've just seen one of them on website of a shop near us :)

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