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Posh has 'worst' celebrity legs (PMSL)


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Oct 15, 2006
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She is not shy of showing them off, but Victoria Beckham has the worst celebrity pins according to a new poll.

The former Spice Girl tops a list which also includes Madonna, Nicole Richie and the long-legged Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud.

Kelly Brook's curvy physique catapults her to the top of the "best legs" chart.

But svelte supermodel Kate Moss takes second place followed by US singer Beyonce.

Next are Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz, former OC star Mischa Barton and party girl Paris Hilton.

Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson, 43, flies the flag for the more mature woman in seventh place.

Others in the "best legs" list include Christina Aguilera, Wayne Rooney's fiancee Coleen McLoughlin and Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole.

The survey of over 3,000 men and women was conducted for Lambrini, which is searching for the sexiest legs for a new fashion campaign with Pretty Polly.
She has got bit knock knees though hasn't she!!

Nicole Kidman needs her pins sorting out!! they ARE terrible!

My legs win the prize for most veins possible visable on a leg! :(
aw i'm the same yvonne - mine look like a road map! :roll:
I have the biggest thickest blue vein behind my right knee :evil:

Not varicose (yet) but don't help myself sitting crosslegged all time :(
mine are really thin thread veins but they are really blue and my right leg is covered in them, they are horrible.
Amy asked me the other day why i had drawn on myself!!! :roll:
Lol kids eh?
I hate thread veins i know i have them on legs but i deny it by not looking too closley :?
Clearing my wardrobe out at min and have found 2 lovely Denim minis that are never gonna see the light of day again but can't bear to pert with them :oops:

I have a patch of red spider veins on my cheek, burst vessels from when PG with Emily

The things carrying a baby can do eh?

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