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Prem babies


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Nov 12, 2006
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Anyone else had a prem baby? Lily-Mae wasnt really premature like some babies. She was born at just over 36 weeks. I had an emergancy c-section following a failed ECV attempt. I started bleeding after the ECV and they said the placenta was damaged.
She didnt need to go to special care and was healthy, apart from the dreaded reflux she was born with. However this was origionally mistaken as an allergy to my breastmilk :evil:
Does anyone else have a prem baby ????
Nathan was born at 35 weeks. He didnt need to go to special care or anything and was fine apart from not feeding at 1st :)
i was a pre baby when i was born i was suppose to be born in the july and came in the may i have exmera and astham whn i was born and i was in the neuo nate ward for a while i turrned out ok i think anyway
Gabriel was born at 36 weeks. He had a little trouble feeding then developed jaundice. He had to have a hernia op at 4 months, has eczema and asthma, and allergies. He is having problems with reading at school, but he is alos one of the youngest as he was born late August. It is difficult to say how many, if any of his probs are due to him being prem.
most of u know Adele was born at 29 weeks so i will just copy and paste her birth story here if thats ok :D

Hi all :wave:

My first pregnancy with Adele was A nightmare. I had alot of bleeding and didnt know i was pregnant after loads of tests and all came ack fine they still didnt know what was wrong untill the doctor asked me to do a pregnancy test and it came back positive :shock: we were all very :shock: as i had only been with my OH for 3 months when i found out. The told me because i was bleeding alot i would either lose the baby or she would be pre term. I always had a feeling if i did become pregnant the baby would be early as im really small and was really skinny at that time. Pregnancy was terrible i was in and out of hospital alot and had really bad kidney infections, at one point it was so bad they told me i might have to go onto dialasis (sp?) because my kidneys werent coping to great at all. With me bleeding right up to 26 weeks, my waters broke but OH said i was wettinmg myself because it was just trickling. Got to teh hospital and it was definatly my waters had gone :( They took more blood from me and had to be given a blood transfussion the next day (4 pints wich took 18 hours for them to get think my blood was rare atthe time AB+) After being stuck in bed gettinmg blood they took us down to theneonatal unit and showd us everything, it was heartbraking and all i could think about was if my baby is born tonite a few days this week, what will its survival rate be. The nurse looked at us and i could see it in her eyes all she said was we would do everything we can :(

After 7 days in hospital on the high risk maternity ward i signed myself out, i was depressed being stuck in a room on my own looking through the door seing all the new mums and dads going home with their little babies and i was stuck :cry: It took alot for me to do this but i signed myself out. They told me their was a high risk of silent labour where all of a suddon you would feel the urge to pushand you would have a baby at your feet but i just wanted home. Luckily taht never happend and every day i had a nurse come to teh hosue to check on me and babys heart beat. I was on steroid injections and really strong anti biotics incase i got any infections.

3 weeks later (29 weeks PG) i felt really ill and bad cramps but didnt think nothing of it, 1 am i rangtehhospital and was told to get straight in (carried through A+E in mr men pj's :lol: :lol: :rotfl: ) i was 3 cm dilated and they sent OH home. 6am came and i was 9cm dilated and OH was called to get back in asap. I cant really remember what wasgoing onexcept ikept needing to P but it was just blood that was comming out (sorry tmi) after 3 house and 53 mins of pushing i gave birth to wee Adele. I never got to see her all i seen wasa foot and it was deep blue :cry: she never made a sound and tehy rushed her away. I was fine but just wanted to know what i had and if she was alive but tehyw ouldnt tell us anything.

After i was cleaned up the asked OH to go with a midwife. They took him to the neonatal intensive care unit where they explained what was going on. He came back with atiny picture

The doctor came to tell us they were finding it very difficult to get the drips andstuff into her wee veins because they kept collapsing but they managed to in the end.

It was that night i saw her for the first time and i broke my heart :cry: :cry: i wanted to hold her so badly.

Anyway it was a long battle for her and she was in hospital up untill 2 weeks before her due date and then she came home. Shewas lucky because she was only 2lbs 10 oz and dropped to 1lb 6oz but she got back and was now able to comehome :cheer: :cheer:
She didnt suffer any long term damage but we did find when it came to her eating lumpy foods she would coak and had to go to a speach therapist but now over 4 years on she is doing brilliant, typicall 4 year old hyper giving cheek to me and never stops eating :lol:

she went through alot and i can never thank the hospital enough for keeping my baby alive

sorry its so long but i felt i should share it with you all
this is a picture of her now https://photos.bump-and-beyond.com/219.png

thankyou all for reading
Awwwwwwwww bless her. So tiny, but totally perfect!
Dior and Harley were both born at 35 weeks and are fine, Harley other then reflux you would never no he was prem he was 6lb and piled weight on and loved his milk. he is a very healthy boy and not poorly often.

Dior was 5lb 5oz didnt feed much lost alot of weight had bad acid reflux. cryed alot never slept.

but both perfect and doing brill :D

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