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Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Bud123love, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Hey, my little girl is 12 weeks old! Having 6oz every 3ish hours, sometimes longer! She sleeps through the night already, and seems happy and content! I have noticed in the past couple of weeks that she has been dribbling loads, soaking her bibs and tops in minutes! Read that their saliva glands start working around this time, so didnt think much of it! Anyway, in the last couple of days she has been pushing her bottles away, and then pulling them to her mouth again! Every few sips she will push away like she cannot breathe and then pull close again like she really wants the bottle! She drinks it all but it takes about half and hour to feed her the bottle! She has had a little cold but that seems to be going now! I have also felt something on her top gum that must be a tooth starting to come through, is it too early for her to be teething, that would suggest the excessive dribbling! Any advice on whats goin on? Xx
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    Sounds like the dreaded teething :( I would try some teething remedies, particularly before a feed to help her take her bottle. I'm pretty sure most teething remedies are ok for her age but maybe double check.

    I use a mix of anbesol ointment, bonjela gel and teething granules (these we found the best, particularly in the early days) if you are in the UK, Boots do their own version which work well or theres Nelsons TEETHA granules and Ashton and Parsons is another make.

    Hope youfind something that helps :)

    Edit to add: my LO was the same sort of age when teething symptoms started. Apparently some babies are born with teeth, so it's def not. Too young to be teething) unfortunately we are still going through it with no actual teeth to show for it and he's almost 9 months now!! Teething is the bane of my life some days!!
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    My LO is the same age and exactly the same.

    She doesn't take that long to take a bottle though. Are you using size 2 teats?

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