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Question for fountains of all knowledge


Mummy to Hermione
Jan 27, 2008
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i just went to the toilet (ready for TMI) and there was a blob of gunk in the toilet - yellowish/greeny colour. also when i wiped there was loads there too.

Simple question - what is it? and what does it mean?

i am a rubbish pregnant person - thank god for all you lot

maybe your plug coming away?

If its your plug, it doesn't really mean anything, some lose it, some don't, some lose it weeks before labour, some lose it in labour... there are no rules for that one.
Sounds like it could be your mucas plug hun. Fingers crossed things will get started for you soon.
ok so thats just the plug that stops infection?

well at least my body has decided to do something.

could this be linked to like the stabbing pains i have had in my pelvis the last couple of days? some of these make me want to jump up out of my chair
From what I've read on here, some people have pains and then a bit comes away sorta thing... So could be I suppose...

Either that or baby engaging...

Honestly, from what I've learned, when you get this far in pregnancy, there are no rules to play by, any "signs" are all a case of "could be, might not be - depends on the person"... I personally give up. lol.
I agree with the others, sounds as if it could be your plug. Fingers crossed things are on the move x x

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