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question .....??


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Feb 21, 2007
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I've heard people say that they knew when they were pregnant the day after conception .... they just felt different. Unfortunatly I'm not one of those people. I had no idea until my missed period with either of my girls. I was just wondering if anyone here had felt that way, and if so, how did you feel? What were the signs if any at all.

The reason I'm asking is because I'm pretty sure I've finsished ovulating, and I woke up this morning feeling dizzy and sick. But I've also got some mild cramping and back ache, but I'm not due on until the 9th March. Could this be a good thing or am i wishful thinking?

Thanks for listing to me ramble, any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

Naimi x
I think even if i did feel different i jsut wouldnt trust myself and would think i was imagining it!
hi hun,

glad you posted, been talking to myself in the chart thread, was starting to feel silly lol

Glad you have ovulated! fingers crossed now huh! :D

I think everyone is diffrent, i knew i was prengant with my eldest son, but i cant explain to you how i felt or knew, i just did, sorry not much help lol

Best of Luck!

forgot to say, i felt sick right from day 1 with my 2 eldest, i didnt get a positive test with them for ages but i knew i was coz morning sickness is a feeling thats un mistakeable lol

I didn't "know" with ds i was pg but had very very tender boobs from day one followed by bad abdomen pain for a couple of weeks and was ages b4 i got bfp, ws thinking something seriously wrong. With daughter i had a feeling i was pg not long after conceiving mainly due to hormonal and slight nausea, but didn't really want to get hopes up so didn't really trust instinct. This time i felt the same a few days after conception i just had this feeling i was, can't really say what it was then the nausea hit and slight discomfort in abdomen. I thought i was just reading too much into it but when af was late and v rare to be more than 28 dayas i was fairly sur i'd get bfp. Was still really anxious when did test incase i was way off te mark, and also worreid what dh would say as we weren't ttc.
Hi Layla,

Talking to yourself isn't silly, its when you start answering yourself ! lol.

I say i didnt know with eithef of my girls, but i do remember with Lucy feeling completely un-pregnant ! if that makes sense. I had cramps for a couple of weeks before my due on date, so really did think that it wasn't my month, and to tell you the truth, i wasn't that bothered. My hubby had been made redundant, so we had decided to take a break from ttc'ing anyway. Of course when i didnt come on for 4 days, i did a test and nearly fell off the loo when it was a positive. Whereas all the other months before hand when i hadn't been pregnant, i had felt nothing at all. It's probably wishful thinking, but feeling premenstrual might be a good sign. Will have to wait and see i suppose. God I hate the waiting !!! I'd forgotten how frustrating it is.

How are you doing anyway?

Naimi x
im ok, just getting over teh flu so had a rough few days, left with a bad chest and cough now.

I have had a metal taste in my mouth all day and nothing i eat or drink makes it go away, i know thats a sign of pregnancy but being as i only ovulated yesterday i figure its way to soon, so im putting it down to my cough.

Looks like we will both be testing around the same time! Will be good to be able to check in with someone and compare notes :D

yes it will be nice. My email add is naimijo%yahoo.co.uk. Dont wait for me to come here, mail me anytime. I have yahoo messenger too, my user id is naimijo. I also have MSN, my email add for that is naimi.smith%fsmail.net.

Of course you could just completely ignore me, because reading this message back, I sound really desperate ! LOL. (i am by the way! lol)

Naimi x

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Change the % to a @ - This is for your own sake :D
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Change the % to a @ - This is for your own sake :D

Sorry :oops: Don't like bossy lol But its a godo way to stop your email address being picked up for spamming. Nightmare once it starts!

Oooo an theres an MSN thread in the girlies room hun x
Hmm, its a funny one is this as with Emily i didn't "know" I didn't know with Angel either

But with Jack i knew straightaway and we weren't even really trying as such
I wonder if its because i had gone through it twice before i was more aware of the feelings?? :?
With Kai it was a funny one cos i knew i was preg just didnt want to admit (wrong i know) but i was 20 but a very young 20, so anyway it was around the 20 week mark when i finally admitted to myself i was pg, looking back now i just knew i was right from day 1 dunno how but i think a woman just knows!
I got pg last jan an right away i knew again u just know :? Not much help sorry :lol:

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