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Really angry with my bank


Aug 31, 2006
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Two weeks ago my account went overdrawn twice by accident, they charged me £30 for each time. So i went to see them and as a goodwill gesture they took both charges off. Went to check my wages yesterday and found my accound has gone overdrawn twice again because they took teh charges out! so when my wages went in they just covered the overdraft so ive no money!

Went to see them yesterday to comlain, the woman apologised and said it wasnt done properly last time and she would have the money refunded into my account today.
Check my account and no money has gone in! And i have another letter to say i will be charged again for going into the red!

Ive got my utilities and my bus to get today and i have to use my CC becuase of them messing up my account!
i hate money i wish it was never invented grrrrr

who is your bank again? im with BOS they are forever charging me for stupid things like £1 overdrawn,but im going to be claiming all my charges back so will be a fair amount when i add the 8% on :headspin:
that explaines it all then!! they said a couple of mnths back that my bank charge would be refunded as it wasnt my fault ect (orange went in on the wrong date and tried to take out more than they should have long story
) but anyways i got that one refunded well so i thought then checked online banking and had a paper free letter saying i was getting hit with yet another £39 for being over drawen and then not having enough money in the account to cover the first bank charge. In the end i told them if they didnt get it sorted i was changing banks and they sorted it their and then over the phone :headspin: but as soon as i start claiming my charges back over the last 6 years im changing banks anyway im sick of BOS i have the crapest account you could have its shit, i dont even have an overdraft :cry:
If its not sorted today then i will close my acount, but i wont be leaving them I dont want to go with anyone else.
I have another account with them i can fall back on, its my old basic account, probably the one you have now weestar
mines is just an account i can switch things on it but the money gets taken out then and their if that makes sence. I just hate it and they wont upgrade it for some unknowin reason :wacko: i just hate them :muaha:
They will only upgrade you if youre in a job with a regular income. Thats how i got mine
Its the only account we have so Lockys wages and tax credits ect all go into it so a dunno why they wont let me, they wont even let me get Lockys name on the account either
What a nightmare AG! Why don't you want to change bank though? It's a bit of a hassle but I would on principle! :grr:
Its all sorted, The refund had been arranged but for the next working day, not the next day so will get my money back on monday. The third charge has also been removed so all is fine now.
I dont want to change bank because lloyds is crap up here, heard nothing but bad about clydesdale, hsbc only has one branch in the whole city. only one left that i can think of is royal bank of scotland but i just dont want the hassle of switching.
So far ive never had any probs with BOS
Im with the clydesdale and i have no local branch .. i opened it when i was in lossiemouth and tbh they are fantastic!!

I can bank and transfer online ... sort out DD and any disputes!

Seriously they are VERY good!
BOS as in Royal Bank of Scotland???

Iwne tin and applied for a loan once, which Ididnt take up in the end, however when Iapplied they asked if Iwanted to open a bank account with them to which I replied 'no'. Ilater found out that they opened an account for me anyway, and to an address I no longer lived at, and for every month that I didnt have any money in it (cause I didnt know it existed) I got charged £30.

. . .It was over 6 months before I found out about the account! Needless to say I was not the happiest bunny when I went into see them!
I am with nationwide and they are fab!
BOS is Bank of Scotland (or Halifax) The Royal bank of Scotland is a different bank.
Will find out tomorrow if its all been sorted, they have been very apologetic about it so hopefully i wont have anymore problems.
LOL thats confusing then!

Me and OH both bank with halifax. I have for about 15 years and never once had a problem, perhaps its just their scotish counterpart that doesnt have its act together.
I think it was jsut the one woman i saw two weeks ago, she wasnt sure what she was doing and had to ask someone else and obviously didnt finalise the charge cancellations. Everyone else ive seen have been relly helpful.

The offical bank name is Halifax Bank of Scotland, HBOS ;)

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