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Sep 5, 2008
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Hiya, i lost my baby at around 7 weeks 2 weeks ago now. I am still really strugling to come to terms with it, hubby is too hes just not saying much about it and says it will happen again soon. Im just worrying myself sick that it wont happen again, sorry to rabble on but sometimes i just feel so alone and the easiest thing is to type!

Claire x
Claire, so many of us have been where you are, thanks for sharing. It does hurt doesn't it. Heres to hoping that you are able to get prego again very soon and that the next one is a sticky bean for you. Take whatever time you need to heal and then give it another go. There are so many great ladies on here to talk with too :)
I am so sorry that you are going through this. :hug: I'm sending my love to you and your family. It breaks my heart to see others that have lost a little one. Please allow yourself to grieve, and give your husband all the support you can. :hug:
:hug: :hug:

It does feel a lot better to share. We're here for you, hun.
so sorry for your loss, it does get a bit easier each day xx
So sorry to hear your news. Trust me, you are not alone. If it helps to type, we are here for you.
So sorry to hear of your loss. I agree with everyone else, you need as much time as it takes, we're all different. There's endless amount of typing to be done on these forums too. Its a great place to come and ask questions or just moan about how rubbish it is to go through a mc.

Hope you and your oh start to feel brighter soon x
:hugs: Sorry on your loss hun
Dont worry yourself to much as stress can delay periods and stress can make it harder for you to become pg again so try to relax i know you feel having to come to terms with things is hard and you will able to do this given time
I am a recurrent missed miscarraige patient and i lost twin girls in feb just gone buried my girls in march lost my girls due to no heart beat at 10wk scan............
and am still finding it hard as there edd would be 10th october which is coming up very soon :cry:

Some dh's find it hard to talk to say how they feel my dh is very open about the way he feels but my friend who has gone through some pregnancy losses and trying to conceive problems does not get any feedback from her husband at all meaning she cant sit down and talk about the way she is feeling because he just says dont worry about it so whats building up inside her all this worry and stress she cant release because she feels she is talking to a deaf ear which is quite sad :cry: but some men greive in there own way and feel its a manley thing and they cant show there feelings cause it will take away there man hood but sometimes you have to sit them down and say look we need to talk i am feeling like this and your like dont worry about it but no need for a argument as so stress can lead up to this big outburst and make matters worse .

So the best thing to do is leave your husband to come to terms with this by himself :hugs:

When you lose a baby you have some many questions why it happend why me wonder went wrong and its even been known that some blame there partners you never done this etc ,

When really no matter what its no ones fault , There is ways you can feel like you are doing somthing for that child a way to remember them and never forget them even if that persons partner does not feel the same and would rather forget it happend still you can do somthing by lighting a candle on the rememberance days such as the day they died, the day they would of been born , Or making a memorial site on gone to soon and if you have no photo or scan of your child then you can still put a teddy bear picture up or somthing nice and give your baby a name or call he/she by your surname and light a candle when ever you feel and others will do the same for you,

This way you are not forgetting your baby but you are also moving on
and this helps you to move on cause your baby is still a part of your life
by having a memorial site for he/she :hugs:

I have lost quite a lot of babys one at 10wks and 7 at 8wks due to no heart beat and i know how you are feeling i never thought i would get pregnant again and i did this many times So hun you will get pregnant again soon
and i think maybe it might be a nice thing for you and your husband if you
do a memorial site on gone to soon for your little angel but when you feel up to doing this , You can mail me anytime and have a chat no matter what its about i fond coming on here talking to others helps as we all know how each and everyone of us are feeling and going through or been through :hugs: :hug:
I agree with everything Angeldust says. It's hard, very hard but you do need to remember the little one so you can get over the grief your feeling.

I had a m/c in April and my world fell apart. Four months later I got pregnant again. It will happen but the more you stress yourself the more it won't happen. My due date is coming up for the bubba I lost in April and I am going to do something to remember her - Holly.

If you need to talk just PM me and I will be there for you hun.


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