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    Jun 22, 2008
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    What's your LO's routine? I'm trying to get one started for Brianna like during the day and I'm finding it a bit difficult. She's finally starting to stay up more during the day but yesterday she REFUSED to go down for a nap and was very cranky the rest of the day. The only SET routine that she has is her bedtime routine which is 8pm bottle, 830 bath, 9 lullabye and bed. Guess I'm thinking that maybe if I see some other routines it can help me try to start one for her :dohh:
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    Isaiah has no routine, he does what he wants and varies from day to day. I do a bath every evening but even the time of that varies depending on when he's fed, if he's awake or how much he's screaming!
    It would be lovely to have a routine but I figure he'll work his own one out in time (hopefully not too much longer lol!)
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    archie wakes at 7 30 has a botlle then i dress him
    he usually sits in his chair for 1/2 hour while i sort the others for school and get showered/dressed
    nap at 10 til about 11 30
    11 30 another bottle
    playtrime til 2 30 ish depends sometimes we got to a baby group/massage/visiting/shopping etc
    2 30 another bottle
    3 30 til about 5 30 he will have a good sleep
    5 30 bottle
    then he will be awake either in his bouncer on his mat my oh works nights from about 10pm so this is usually daddy time while mummy makes the tea
    8-9 bath bottle story then bed
    11- 12 ish dreamfeed

    hes 10 weeks and has only really settled into this routine in the last week

    it doesnt run smoothly every day like this some days he naps at different times but this is the kind of routine hes got himself into i dont stick to times rigidly well maybe bedtime lol
  4. roxie78

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    I get Thomas up and dressed around 7:30am then he has his first bottle. Then after that he goes back to bed for a nap for an hour or 2. Then I'll get him up for a little play not long before his next bottle at 12pm. His next bottle is at 4pm then 7:30pm is bath time, 8pm his last bottle and bed around 8:45pm. He will also have one or 2 other min naps during the day if he is rubbing his eyes and also get more play time or time in his bouncy chair if he seems alert. Previously it was the same routine as this but with more bottles.

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