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Nov 30, 2006
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Hi Folks - at what age did you try and get your wee ones into a routine???
I'm lucky that Charlie's already in a routine. He goes nursery 5 days a week though, so that helps.
For Noah it was really early, at about 2 weeks, but some babies are more adaptable than others. Cause he was bottle fed it was a lot easier too, and I found he got hungry after the same sort of amount of time, and drank pretty much the same amount. so I think we gave him feeds at set times every 3 hours or something and 4 hours at night. then gradually as he got older if he was draining a bottle we increased the amount, then spaced them apart a bit more etc. The only time we did feed at set times was at night, but his body had got into a routine from the day feeds so he always woke at the same points at night too.

See what works for you, some abies take to a routine sooner than others, if he isnt getting on with it leave it a bit longer.
routine?? i wish!! lol callum has no routine whatsoever!!!:(
Routine? hmmm, I just tried putting my madam upstairs and she screamed that much she has threw up everywhere...again! :twisted:
I never really put Seren in a routine as such - she was demand fed but I found that she did just get into one herself - have a nap in the morning, one in the afternoon then bedtime. When she was weaned her naps tended to follow her meals.
i have never had a strict routine. both mine were happy to feed every 3 hours so i didnt have to try and change the feed times for a routine. but every night they have qa routine of dinner straight to the bath stright to bed. it works great, and in the morning it always breakfast washed dressed then a nap. but other then that we just go with the flow
KX said:
Routine? hmmm, I just tried putting my madam upstairs and she screamed that much she has threw up everywhere...again! :twisted:

How old is Lewis now, and is he breat or bottle fed? and how much does he take at a time if bottle fed?

It was suggested by my midwife when she was coming out to me that you wake them to feed them more during the day so they are more full to go longer at night, otherwise they often get themselves into a routine the other way round, and sleep a lot during the day and wake lots for feeds at night.

If your Bottle feeding I would suggest you start by feeding a set am ount every three hours, if they are asleep wake him for it, and see what he does himself over night (it might take a few days of doing this before it settles to set night waking times) also you may find that he takes different amounts at each of these feeds, like only finishing every other bottle, but keep making them to the same amount, and he will gradually drain all of them. Also put im down at a set time each night in a dark room, at say 8, so he learns the differnce between night and day, and aviod conversation and stimulation during night feeds. Say perhaps give bottles at 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm and see what he dictates to you at night.
That quote is in reference to my 1 year old not Lewis :D
KX said:
That quote is in reference to my 1 year old not Lewis :D

Lol sorry I just quoted the wrong bit! I ment to quote Jo-anne saying 'where do I start'

Lewis is nine weeks now and takes six oz every three hours.

I try to do feed, bath and bed x
Jo-anne said:
Lewis is nine weeks now and takes six oz every three hours.

I try to do feed, bath and bed x

is it working for u both !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Colby was a bit akward for the first 3 weeks she turned day into night and vice-versa so what i done was feed her 45 mins full play (just annoyed her so much she would cry cos she was so tired) then sleep for 1 hour then awake play again then feed time again and same all day long till 7pm it was bath feed then bed by 8pm and that was her till 7.30 am :D it only took me 2 days of this and she followed on her own :wink: it was hard though and very tiring aswell having to listen to her cry cos she was sooo tired bless her :lol: :lol:

Hope you sort something out chick

take care
weestar did you have to wake colby during the day then for the feeds.

see Lewis goes down at eleven late i know but i have tried putting him to sleep earlier and he will not settle till the usual eleven.
on day 1 i did have to wake her yes wich made her grumpy as she was still tired because it was day time to me but she thought it was nite to her and would prob have slept all day :lol: :lol:

all you can do hun is try keep him awake as long as possible during the day, its really hard hun i know but it does pay off :D

Colby is still in the same routine ok she has 2 naps during the day now cos shes older

she gets up at 7am has brekfast and a drink has a snack around 11 am she goes to bed at 11.30 am and gets up by herself bang on 12.45 shes then has her lunch and back for another hour sleep at 1.30 pm and wakes on her own at 2.30 shes awake from then till 7pm and shes in bed no later than 8pm at a push.

is he a hungry baby? i mean does he feed alot? do you breast or bottle feed? sorry for the loads of questions as it could be he might still be hungry and needs either a little more milk or even be stepped up to the next stage on milk :-k :-k

please dont hesitate to pm me at anytime hun
Jo-anne said:
Lewis is nine weeks now and takes six oz every three hours.

I try to do feed, bath and bed x

Every three hours is good going for his age :D
he is a very hungry baby gets 6 oz every three hours just put this up.

and is on the hungry baby milk (sma white cap).
does he finnish the full 6oz or does he leave some?

im not sure what else to suggest hun as hes really too little for a teeny weeny piece of rice ( i started colby on quarter tea spoonfull of rice mixed with milk at just over 3 months as she was a hungry baby and was on aptamil extra :oops: :oops: ) if he takes all teh 6oz try him with an extra oz see how he goes if not then try keeping him awake maybe even say from 2.30 pm till 7pm? then fed and bed if that sounds ok to you?
will try wee star - think i will need to try Lewis on something else soon too - not too soon thou but he just eats and eats.

during the day he is either out in the pram or in the car so he sleeps alot - try it sounds bad to keep him awake but he prefers to be wide awake at night when mummy and daddy want to sleep lol.

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