Saw physio yesterday . . . .


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Nov 8, 2006
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And I dont have SPD, I have PGP lol!
Which is Pelvic Girdle Pain, very similar in principle to SPD but it affects the back of the hips instead of the front, I felt a bit embarrased as I didnt think I was going to have to strip off as I had holey knickers on, and no bra lol, she manipulated my legs though to help with my hips and made things a lot better, I also have a tube grip type bandage to cover my whole bump and a big elasticated belt to help hips and bump, which she said I should try to use in labour to help support me. She had been very supportive of my wanting to try for a natural birth and we tried out a load of good birthing positions, and she has written some strict instructions for the labour team on how to treat me. Also other fantastic news is that she has given me her phone number (she is head of department) so that if I have any tail bone or hip problems I can self refer to her, without needing to see my GP and she will treat the problem. (The fact that this involves sticking fingers up my rectum to manually move my tailbone into place is a different matter!!!)

So feeling positive about stuff yeah. But then again I have a growth scan on Monday, so just hoping they dont tell me Im having a 13lb monster!!
I felt a bit embarrased as I didnt think I was going to have to strip off as I had holey knickers on, and no bra lol,

I know how you feel, I rushed to a physio appointment from work a couple weeks ago. I was really hot and sweaty and had terrible pants on, odd socks, plus my legs (and other places) were very hairy. I didn't know I was going to have to take my trousers off! :dohh:

But I am sure they see it all and worse every day!

I got some good tips off the lady though on getting in and out of cars, up and down, out of bed, sleeping and sitting. Has helped a lot I don't have so much discomfort now. I had to laugh when she said I had to try and keep my "legs closed" as much as possible... I wanted to say "well I should have done that 8 months ago really!" :rofl:
Good for you that you got another diagnosis!

Pleased that you have sorted out physio, least you don't have to go through your GP to try to get to see her!

Hope growth scan goes ok hun ... fingers crossed your just carrying loads of water!

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