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  1. Mariaa

    Mariaa Me, Jack & Baby Nellie

    Nov 23, 2009
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    I keep reading everywhere that the first 12 weeks are the most likely for miscarriage...
    Well im past that time line and healthy,

    But at the bottom of some girls posts theres tributes to babies lost, born to early at like, 24 weeks and such.

    I thought i could chill now and be able to enjoy pregnancy without worrying all the time. but i cant. Now i know i literally have until the last few days to worry that my LO might be born to early and not make it.
    Or i might miscarry.

    I had got so content...and now im really scared again.

  2. fantastica

    fantastica Mum.

    Oct 13, 2009
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    It's completely normal to worry, but try your best not to! Just enjoy the pregnancy, chances are you'll have a beutiful, healthy baby...think everyone worries right until the last minute...actually as a parent don't think the worrying ever stops!

    Just relax! xx
  3. annawrigley

    annawrigley Guest

    i think saying "born too soon" refers to going into premature labour and baby not surviving not miscarriage :(
    premature labour is something that scares me too, but all we can do is try to sit back and relax.
    as we all know stress isnt good :hugs:
    its normal to worry
  4. Jas029

    Jas029 Guest

    Aw it's ok hun try not to worry! :hugs:
    It's not very often that something like that happens and you shouldn't stress yourself over it because that can make the chances go up even more according to some research..
    As long as your doctor says everything is looking good for you and your L/O try not to worry about it! :hugs:
  5. etcetera

    etcetera Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2009
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    I know how you feel!
    every cramp worries me lol

    buuut i just keep feeling him move and that makes me more confident he's still alive in there :)
  6. TattiesMum

    TattiesMum Well-Known Member

    Aug 27, 2009
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    It's normal to worry....and as Fantastica says the worrying never stops even once LO is here - God knows I STILL worry about all of mine even though they're young adults. Mind you, I don't think my job helps!

    Just try not to stress about it too much Hon - I know that's easy to say and not so easy to do, but try distracting yourself when you start thinking that way.... imagine taking the scary thoughts and locking them in a box and then keep yourself busy with something that needs concentration :hugs:
  7. KrisKitten

    KrisKitten Well-Known Member

    Sep 16, 2009
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    i h8 to say it lol
    but get used to worrying :)
    admittedly coz i found out so late i skipped most of the pregnancy worrying but god knows i had it for the last cuple months what with having been drinking etc in early pregnancy.
    Now hes here every cough thats too harsh, extra loud cry, jump worrys me.
    i expect itll only get worse lol
    but in reality the liklihood of nething happenin is not very high and worrying about it will only take away from the enjoyment.
    My favourite phrase (even if i dont always stick to it lol :blush:) is
    theres no use worrying until you have too
    it wont help,
    try n just enjoy ur pregnancy :hugs::hugs: xxxxx
  8. Sophiiee-ox-

    Sophiiee-ox- Lyla's Mummy (:

    Nov 26, 2009
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    Everything will be fine hun :flower:
    try not to worry too much about it because you need to be happy and well for your baba :)
    I worry about things like this as my Mum has had 2 miscarriges and her first one was when she was first pregnant but i try not to think too much about it and be positive :hugs:
  9. KerryanneJ09

    KerryanneJ09 Guest

    its normal to worry. you wont stop worrying about that baby for the rest of your life. :p i did loose a baby past 20 weeks but i was very very young and there were reasons for it. your midwife will take special care of you if you tell her your worried im sure she'll assure you that everythings fine at your scans x
  10. 05wilkesm

    05wilkesm Guest

    i think its just natural to worry tbh,
    i was worried so much at first cos both my mum and nan lost their first baby so i was panicky for the first few months,
    i still worry too much now if i dont feel her kicking or moving reguarly, when you get further down the line im sure you'll ease up on the worrying a bit :)
  11. TacoTurtle

    TacoTurtle Guest

    It's so normal to worry, but try to distract yourself so you worry less.

    Enjoy having your LO in your belly now, because I don't think the worrying gets any better once it's out in the world!

    Good luck, hun :hugs:

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