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Aug 31, 2006
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Has anyone seen these, or know someone who uses it?

Coby has been walking around alot the past week so im thinking now that i might not need a double pram, i only go back and forth to the school and to the shops, both are only a 5 min walk, and if we did go anywhere further it would be when Jase is home so he could push Coby in his buggy.

I was looking about for a buggy board, but found these seats to go, wondered if anyone had any positive expericances with them


Vicky told me about these, dont the fold in and out and attach to the side of the pram ? they sound like a good idea to me, Ill take a look on google now not actually seen one
just googled it, the only thing that would annoy me is that is sticks out quite alot and would probably get in your way when pushing the pram, but if its only for trips back and to from school then it wouldnt be so bad, a day out shopping and i THINK IT WOULD GET IN THE WAY XX (OOps caps sorry)
these are great Layla i was going to get one for adele but decided she was big enough to walk on her own but i would highly reccomend them big time :D ebay are selling them for £40 + so a good deal on them ;)
They have got one for £39 in the catologe, they wrote to me saying i am £15 in credit, no idea how but im not going to argue with them lol so if Jase agrees (going to show him when he gets home) i will order it, it will be a bargin for £25

It also means i can keep Cobys old pram for the new baby, i love it so much, its really big and cosy

They look like you would struggle to get to the pram handles? :baby:
yeah i was thinking that, as far as i know mothercare and babies r us dont stock them so i couldnt go in and try it out.
Plus another thing that worries me is that Dec to March will be cold, windy and wet, he wouldnt have a rain cover or anything with one of these seats.

Wanted to try and save myself somemoney but i think it smore of a summer thing, think i prob will need a double pram, going to look around at second hand ones tho, dont want to pay out loads on one for only a few months

their is a rain cover you can get its like a body suit type thing that only his head will be popping out of :lol: sorry i cant describe it much yet but when i get back on monday will have a looka nd show u what i mean ;)
yer they sell them on ebay, you could put coby in a snow suit and get a rain coat for him may be, its a shame you can't order it and send it back if its not suitable
i guess i prob could order it from the catologe and see what its like, at least then i can send it back garenteed, i wouldnt trust ebay so much.

Also, another thing i have just thought of, is how it goes up and down curbs, if Coby would have to get off every 5 mins to cross a road then its not really worth it

just found this..

My little boy thinks it is fantastic, the only trouble is getting him to walk anywhere now. I have encountered a few problems with it on my travels, the main one being the fact that you can't get up high kerbs, it is much safer to take your child off and let them walk especially near lots of traffic, this is stated in the instruction leaflet. It is also impossible to manoeuvre backwards and take sharp corners with a child on, so getting round shops is a pain when people get in your way. It is slightly harder to push the buggy because of the added weight, and your arms are more out-stretched as you're futher back than normal. I regularly stubb my toes on the wheels which can be a pain, my own fault for wearing flip-flops!

Double pram it is then! lol

well least you have been able to find out about it before you brought it
I think the idea is good, but when you think about it theres more cons than pro's, I think you will be better off with a double buggy in the lopng run, rather than buying one, not liking it and ending up with a buggy anyway xxx

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