Should I start weaning properly??

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by babycakes76, Dec 10, 2009.

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    My boy is 21 weeks old on Saturday...he has for the last few weeks only able to go three hours before the next feed (use to go four hours to the clock!) so I have been giving him hungry baby milk but still he can only go 3 hours...sometimes only 2.5 hours! he is also still needing to be dreamfed and is waking in the night about 3.30 - 4am (dreamfeed usually around 10-11pm). He does sometimes sleep thru the night though.

    I have been trying him on baby rice once a week to introduce texture. Yesterday i tried him on carrot which he wasn't overly impressed with!

    Should i try and wean him properly now do you think and give him something to try everyday??
    How often do you start with pureed food - once a day for the first week then twice a day the second week??

    Any advice will be appreciated xx
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    Go onto Babycakes its great, gives you a step by step weaning chart on what 2 give/how much.

    My baby is 4mths n I started her on few teaspoons of cow n gate baby rice after her tea time formula for first week & today started her on few mouthfuls of mashed banana after breakfast time feed. She has 7oz feeds breakfast/lunch/tea & b4 bed. Only taking 6oz of before bed feed, baby rice must be filling her little belly!!

    After a week of giving mashed banana may start giving her something after lunch time feed, maybe some pureed veg. Trying not to buy jars of stuff, cheaper to do myseld plus u knowwhats in it!

    Confusing innit! Good Luck x
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    It is common for moms to mistake a 4-5 month growth spurt for a need to wean. Babies waking more often for feeding at 4-5 months isn't the best sign to use for "need to wean."

    My LO eats every 2-4 hours around the clock (is 4.5 months old). At night is every 2-3 hours.

    The best signs for ready to wean:

    --has doubled or more birth weight
    --taken a huge interest in adult food
    --tries to grab adult food off their plates
    --makes chewing motions with their mouths when watching adults eat
    --CHEWS on things (toys, fists, etc), doesn't just suck (don't take this a sign of hunger, but as PRACTICING eating skills)
    --Can sit unsupported (like in the tripod position) and can sit WELL with very minimal support (like in a high chair)
    --has good head and neck control

    As far as being hungry more often and needing to eat more often, that is normal for a 4 to 5 month old.

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