Sick Of Flaming Well Hearing It!!!!!


Aug 31, 2006
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I really have got some god awful neighbours, well the one across the street and her friend? IM SICK OF HEARING THEM!!!

From 8.30 in the morning her and her friend are sat outside smoking and letting the small kids run round, the kids are cute but all you can hear is the pair of them screaming at the kids!

If the one who lives there isn't effin and jeffin and her son then the other one (Her friend) is screaching like a comon fishwife at her 2 ...

I mean My "neighbour" has just screamed at her son "watch my tea you f**king cockhead" ...

Is it just me that finds this disturbing?? Thats no way to talk to a child or disaplin if he has been naughty!?!

Im honeslty sick of hearing them, i won't let maddie play out back cause all you can hear is the kids crying and them to swearing at them from morning to night ....

Really pees me off cause the kids arn't even that naughty, they are just toddlers being toddlers!! :hissy:

Sorry rant over.
stupid parents making them selves feel BIG by bullying their children!!!!!!!!

my mum lived in a street where neighbours both sides were like yours, my brother Tyler 4 at the time then started swearing he had picked it up of them so mum had to move out!

lets hope you get that new house

fooking tramps
I hope so too ...

We havin nightmares about maddies first sentance!!

Thats disgusting hun

They obviously just can't be arsed with their kids and they see them playing as interupting their tea and fag time grrrrrr
:hugs: That is a terrible way to talk to children. Good thing you will be moving soon. :hugs:
OMG thats disgusting .. would never talk to a child in that manner .. what sort of an example are they setting their kids!!

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