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So Quiet


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Aug 31, 2006
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Here & on 2 other forums I'm on :|

Everyone busy busy/christmas panicing? I know I feel like I'm doing 1001 things at the moment :(
its quiet on all the other forums i go on,something happened on the forum i mod on,some arguement or another that ive missed,but ive logged on to find im modding with another and there was about 8 of us,admin are staying quiet and said that they are staying in the background if i want anything to buzz .im really perplexed as ive missed something unless it went on via yahoo :?
Yea it was pretty good. They put me on the first till that everyone walks to so was kept pretty busy.
They got in some muppt to dress in a special Poundland suit and he was trying to sing (very badly) to cheesy songs.
Am back in tomorrow, will see what state the shop is in in the morning :rofl:

They ahd a great bargain on for ps2 flight cases for £1!! (obv) we had to sell them at one per customer. Managed to get one before they were all sold out. Wanted to get another as the one we got was meant to be a present but since they were gone by the time i finished i decided to keep it :oops:
im baaaaaaaaaaaack did yall miss me??
I'm here-whilst Rebecca has a quick nap before her bath :D
thats ok, i have my smirnoff im fine!!!
well im here an no bugger else :(
I was out last night chicks
First xmas dinner of Dec LOL
Lucky you Jo-did you have a nice time? :D
Yeah it was lovely just a few of us mums from Tots group
Just had a meal and a couple of drinks ( they were driving, so i couldn't corrupt them LOL)
You were up late (early) Sophie :shock:

Sounds like you had a nice time Jo :D
sophie was on her hen nyt wobbs :D
:shock: Ooooooo I'd not of been home that early!! LOL

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