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Discussion in 'Cloth Diapers / Nappies' started by mummy_mi, Jan 28, 2011.

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    We've had this literally a few weeks and it's only been worn twice but it's huge on Chloe, a bit loose round the legs and wide between them. I actually got 2 at the same time, and am going to keep one but would rather get my pennies back on this one so I can buy something a bit more trimmer on her. Chloe's about 18lbs but long and skinny if it helps, I so wish she was a fast gainer!!

    It's a medium (not so good for skinny minnies!) in peonies(?) and comes with the tri fold lay in insert, never been pooped in, almost like new, would like £16 posted including all fees xx

    edit: the colours are actually a bit more darker/richer, the flash made them look a bit washed out, I'd say it's quite GN xx SOLD

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