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Sep 1, 2006
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Well, I have been to see yet another GP who once again says I do not have SPD.....she said I would only have pain in my pubic bone area...................ok well I can live with the fact I don't have it, but why the hell am I struggling to:

Go up the stairs individually, rather than having both feet on one stair before starting the next one............

Sitting on most things barr my sofa...... which is becoming uncomfortable now..........

Turning over in bed, and the bottom of my spine aches.......and my pelvic bone area seems to throb & is so uncomfortable.

Walking can be ok, but if playing up, it can be painful. I came to a dead stop Saturday in a shop, I didn't know how I was going to walk out of there, it was so painful......

Walking up slopes.......

Getting dressed (stepping into things).........

I have pain in: (it is not constantly bad, but constantly there, some days are worse than others)

My pubic bone (on left side of middle)
Groin (left side)
The very Bottom of my spine (left side)
My hip at times (left side mainly, but the odd flinch on the right)
It hurts when I get dressed and have to stand on one foot (left one)

The GP said, that it may be pregnancy related, it may not be?!?! I mean what the hell does that mean? That don't help me!! She has given me some codiene (very mild) to try to help with the pain so I can sleep solidly, but I don't want to take it as I am on anti sickness tablets too as well as another medication :roll: She said about me going for physio.....but she didn't book it there and then, she said to see my own GP and see what she says..........well I am not seeing her til the 16th Oct, that was the earliest they could do!

So where does that leave me.........all I want to do is be pain free!!

I am fed up with getting on GPs couches and having them prod me here there and everywhere, and tell me it's 'groin strain' or 'it might be pregnancy related, it might not' :evil: I could have told them that!!

Does anyone have any ideas?!?!? Anything at all? As I am just so fed up with it all, I am getting to the point of just getting on with it and forgetting the GPs, but it is getting worse and I am at a loss as to what to do :cry:

Thanks for reading girls! And sorry for ranting :hugs: xx
aww babe im sorry that i cant help but u always make me happy wen im down so thot id send a huuuuge cyber hug!!! :hugs:
Awwwwwwwww Thank you babe!! :friends:

Good news is I am not down about it, but it does drive me nuts when it plays up when I have to do things :(

But hey ho!! :wink:

Thanks again babe! :hugs:
c thts y i h8 docs durin pregnancy, cos suddenly they are clueless buggers!!! hmmm cud b pregnancy related but maybe not....

um did they not get a degree 4 that diagnosis??!!!
Total stab in the dark and cud be way off the mark as I don't have a medical degree but baby may be laid on a nerve and as we are growing we are putting more pressure on nerve.? DS laid on nerve when I was 20 wks and i cud barely walk couldn't put any weight on right leg as got pain up leg and back. Gortutely he moved after a week. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: Hope you get some answers and pain relief soon.
Just wanna give you a BIG :hugs:
Mummy2twoplusbump said:
Total stab in the dark and cud be way off the mark as I don't have a medical degree but baby may be laid on a nerve and as we are growing we are putting more pressure on nerve.? DS laid on nerve when I was 20 wks and i cud barely walk couldn't put any weight on right leg as got pain up leg and back. Gortutely he moved after a week. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: Hope you get some answers and pain relief soon.

Hi babe, thanks for that..........

I had ciatic last time near the end, so I know it isn't that. But I have had this for 9 weeks now, the baby wouldnt have been heavy enough to affect me.....so I am not convinced it is nerve related, it feels diffrerent and one of the problems I have, is I can't describle it :? Only say that it is like toothache in my hip......not that that helps :lol:

Oh well, I will just plod on and hope it doesn't get much worse!

Thanks again babe :hugs: xx
Tam OMG I have the same i feel like no one believes me my husband thinks my hobbling is for fun,only relief I am getting is from hot bath adn am going to try swimming heat pads as my back hurts too (although dont think connected)

Poor thing i know how you feel

Hi Tam

Found this website on SPD apparently it can start as early as 12 weeks,I have printed this out for my midwife as she is a doubting Thomas....

I am in agony,what a nightmare!

Ohh Bex, have you got the link?!

I think my sister and her cocky arse of a BF think I am putting it on, but what do I care......I know how I bloody feel, just coz she has sailed thru her pregnancy, lucky her!!!! :roll:

Paul has to help me off the floor, and sometimes to turn over in bed as it can be so painful!! It is horrible isn't it?

Oh well, we will have to have a rant together babe :hugs: xx
hi tam

Fook everyone else I had lazing row with DH who thought I was elaborating to get time off work til i said i was leaving him if he didnt believe me soon then he realised........

the link is

Awwwwwww bloody people!! Would be a different story if it was them who was going thru it........I am very lucky with Paul he is very understanding and see's what I go thru and does everything to help.

Thanks for the link babe! xx

I have exactly the same symptoms as you and have had from 15 weeks. I went to the hospital for physio and they have diagnosed SPD combined with a deep curve in my waist at the back. So I think your gp is wrong!

Have they referred you to a physio? I now have a support belt for during the day and a giant (very attractive!) tubigrip to wear at night. They also gave me lots of advice and exercises to do, things have eased a little but the best thing is that I'm being more careful about what I'm doing.

They have left my physio appointment open and I can go back for help whenever I want.

It's important to find someone who will support you as I know someone who ended up in a wheelchair after her second baby because her pelvis went during the birth.

I hope you get the right help soon. I think you need to be a stroppy cow with your GP or midwife. It was my midwifewho referred me!

Good Luck!


Hi hun,

Ohhhhhh poor you!!

Thanks for the advise!!

I am seeing MY GP on the 16th of this month, she is good and I have faith in her..........I am going to see her as the Emergency GP I saw in the top post, said she didn't have time to refer me, but I will be going to physio, hopefully they will be more helpful?!

Can I ask......How do they exactly diagnose SPD?!? I have been proded and poked and asked to twist and bend etc.......

Oh well, all I can do it see what happens :roll:

But Thanks again hun :hugs: xx
oh god tam, ive been so wrapped up in my own worries i didnt realise you were suffering so badly,sounds awful. might be silly suggestion but would using a tens machine help with the pain(prob stupid suggestion but only thing i can think off)xx :hugs:
Hi babe :hugs: hun it is just one of those things :roll:

I don't believe I am allowed to use a tens machine until 37 weeks now :( Otherwise I think it would definately be a help.......but sods law eh? :lol:

Cheers babe :hugs: xx
They diagnosed me through the pain I described and my range of movements. they did tell me it was because I did alot of gymnastics and dance when I was younger and I am flexible. As the ligaments have relaxed through pregnancy hormones it is like I am too flexible now and I don't know how far I can push things without causing damage. The support helps me to remember to take it easy.

I am glad you have a good GP and I'm sure everything will work ou ok.


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