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SPD pain or Braxton Hicks


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Sep 22, 2006
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Not sure which. Sometimes i think its way baby is laid as when she wiggles sometimes its followed by pain low down just about on bone and so i think its just baby aggrevating spd. Its really sharp lasts 30 secs plus then goes. Sometimes get pain without lo moving and sometimes i get pain right across back, hence wonder if braxtons. Had on and off since Thursday night, but this afternoon had for a couple of hours then went. Started again about 45 mins ago and comes every 15 mins or so. I'm contemplating phoning mw on Monday but shes useless at times, its only ansaphone, but someone will phone back same day. I kinda feel that they'll say wait until i see consultant in two weeks. Any ideas what it could be?
Not sure hon :( I've had some false contractions the past few nights at night. They're not painless like BH, last about a minute and are crampy across my back like the early labour pains I had with DD. I guess our bodies are just getting all prepped up!
Stoo0ped again after about 45 mins. I think i'll seee how it goes 2morrow and if i keep getting them i'll ring hossie and see wot they say. If they were just in my back and say they were like braxton hicks, (got them in back with dd last time) but get at front as well and they can take breath away. I thik its poss the spd making them orse, and if thats the case im so not looking forwarfd to the real thing. :cry:
Good luck when you speak to them hon ((hugs)).

Hey we've not got too long to go now have we? Feeling huge?
I don't feel as huge as i did with last 2 pg, but im a lot smaller. I really must think about getting bag packed. I think i'll make it my job for next weekend. I can't believe how quick its gone. If this one is as early as her brother i've only gt 3 weeks left :D Knowing how things have been this time round tho i'll go over :cry: They'v just programmed the diary for next month and you can see wheni go on ml. Its quite scary. i am considering going earlier as i'm really struggling but i want time of after so i'm just taking each week as it comes. I seem so disorganised this time but i think theres so much other stuff going on that i keep thinking i'll do it next week. Only problem is theres not many next weeks left :roll: Poor bump hasn't even got a name yet i'll be on the ward and shell be baby simpson :(

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