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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Brightongem, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Im so sorry, Im sure there are tons of threads on here that I could refer to, but Im just in a bit of a tiswas...

    I got my bfp on wednesday, and have started bleeding lightly this evening... It has been constant for the past 4 hours or so. It is very light, and dark brown, wit a watery consistency... I know bleeding is supposedly normal during the first trimester, but I would love it if any of you ladies could give me some reassurance as to whether any of you have experienced this?

    I am also having some mild cramping, not quite as bad aperiod pain though.

    Please help!xx
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    Yes, bleeding during the first trimester is a common worry among women. There are may different ways that this cab go. Most common is implantation bleeding from the baby burrowing into your uterus which usually happens around the time of pregnancy your at. It can be accompanied with mild cramping. Another possibility is a subchorionic hematoma Which also can be very common among pregnancy. This happens when there is a bleed in the uterus and the woman can bleed and/or pass blood clots.
    Ive told a lot of women this and I will tell you to to be aware of ectopic pregnancies. Dont worry there are not too common just everyone should be aware of the signs. If you have constant cramping especially in one side, low back pain, shoulder pain, pain in the diaphragm, or a lot of pressure on your bottom (as if really constipated) go to emergency immediately. Keep a look out for blood because it can cause miscarriage. I bled with my current pregnancy and everything was fine. If the blood turns red and or you have bad cramps then go to the emergency room or wait and schedule an appointment tomorrow with your doctor. Don't just ignore it, and rest and get tons of fluid. Water works miracles in pregnancy. Dehydration can cause cramping, contracting and some bleeding.

    Best of luck hub! Keep me posted!

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