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Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Chel, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Jasper isn't really on solids, I will be introducing a regular meal into his routine soon, but he's only just under 5 months old, so I'm in no hurry.

    BUT he's sooooooo interested in what we're eating you can help but let him lick and such your food. He's started reaching and crying for things we're eating!

    My OH is driving me crazy though because he'll let Jasper try ANYTHING he wants - he's even let Jasper lick hot potato chips, steak and ice cream!

    I dont know, it makes me uncomfortable.

    Do others think this is okay? I'm prepared to accept that I have extremely high anxiety regarding Jaspers health (because of mild PND) so I"m prepared to let it go if its not a 'real' problem, because it is sweet watching my boys share food.... I'm just worried that he shouldn't be exposed to foods like that yet.
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    personally hun i think its fine archie tastes everythin but then he does have baby ceareal and a meal in evening...i think its certain yogurt eggs cheese etc and meat their not allowed untill their 6months. and honey isnt till 1 but i think its good to let them try different flavours archie watches us like mad wen we eat so daddy always lets him lick stuff even his chilly crisps the other day lol was quite funny archie clearly wanted more haha xxx

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