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The Mirena Coil....opinions?


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Sep 29, 2008
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Hi all :wave:

I had my Mirena coil removed last week after being really unsatisfied on it... weight gain, OH feeling the threads during intercourse, hair falling out, and really unstable periods (spotting for weeks, heavy bleeding for weeks) We're not TTC just yet, we'll be using the rhythm method but any "accidents" would be happily recieved lol!
Anyways, my question is, have any of you used the Mirena and if so, how long was it before your cycle returned to normal? I've been bleeding really heavily since the removal, passing clots (sorry!) etc, and would like to know of others' experiences with the Mirena.

Thanks! x
I've never had the coil, sorry. I just didn't want to read and run. I'm sure there are other ladies on here who will be able to answer your question.
I had a mirena coil removed about 3 months ago and my periods fell straight back into a normal pattern - about a week after removal I had a heavy period and have had them every 30 or so days since but everyone is different
Thanks for the reply.. it's been nearly a week now and I'm still bleeding very very heavily :( Thought it was starting to ease of yesterday but today it's come back with avengeance!

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