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Sep 1, 2006
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Yipeeeeeeee im starting my Driving lessons AGAIN and now ive got to pass the thoery test AGAIN grrrrr

Passed the damn thing twice already, :D ah well here goes ....

I need to practice so can anyone give me some sites with free mock tests on please :D

I will tell you when im on the road, that way you can all stay in I know how you men feel about women drivers :D although im sure its male drivers that are more agressive :D

I have a problem with lots of men and women drivers! So make sure you're a gooden :lol:

I don't know anything about the theory test babe, I never had to do it :D but stick at it this time, it will be the best thing you ever did!!

Good luck hun xx
hi catherine,
go to the DSA website, you can do mocks on there, very good. you can also pick up training DVDs cheap in tesco which you can use in your dvd player or PC and practise,practise,practise!!!
if you want any help PM me, im an instructor in training(80% qualified!!), happy to help!!
I used the DSA website alot! Its really good i also got a cd from my instructor that was very helpful, maybe ask them if they have one?
I just brought the Driving test CD 2006/2007 edition all tests (from Asda) ive taken so far about 6 tests.

Scored .... 33.....34.....33.....30.....25 (I set it to hard) .........33 :D

Think im doing ok, the good thing is it has an option to have a test on all the questions you have been getting wrong :D woo

You get to watch a real test (been through 3 anyway)


Show me Tell Me part (I never got tested on that)

As for reading the number plate (oh my god if they cant read it and need me to tell them, im not getting inthe car with them) PMSL no problemo.

Anyway im not bookng my theory till mid Novemver and thats only if I keep getting 35 :D I like to be a Boffin.
YAY!!!!! Good Luck babe!! xx
Books are the best way to study for your theory test, i got 100% first time round and it only took me about 3 minutes! 8)
oooh how exciting!!! good luck!!!!

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