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This week ive lost....


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Nov 12, 2006
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1lb. I was hoping to lose a bit more. Im a bit disappointed especially as i lost 5lb last week. But nevermind, suppose its better than putting 1lb on :D
That's still great! A 1lb next week and you've already got half a stone off. On most of the weight loss plans you aim to lose 7lb in the first month, so you're storming along.
ive lost 12lbs altogether now. i lost a bit of weight on my own before i started doing the weight watchers programme :D
thats brillaint hunny well done, my friend does that but she will go swimming then eat junk food :?
well done hun, i wish i had the will power to do it!! I love my food too much! x
Well done! 1lb off is definatley better than 1lb on!
I love my food too much too lol
a - is always better than a +

Well done you
Kim said:
a - is always better than a +

Well done you

except when your TTC lol~!!!!

Well done, I lost a lb last week too! 1 and half this week, it always varies :D
Well done! Am I the only one putting it on in the run up to Christmas? :cry:
A Tenna, Fell outta me pocket at the petrol station!

Stick with it babe, you are doing GREAT!!!! You will have lower weeks than others, but you will also have some good weeks, stick at it! :wink: :dance:

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