Those reading HP ***WARNING! May contain spoliers***

I'm about half way through. They're just about to go looking for the sword.
ive just finished?

anybody else??

im dying to have a gossip!!
Finished it yesterday afternoon. I loved it so much especially the ending!
Waaa, i want someone to talk to about it before I forget most of it, lol!
i want to talk about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as it states in title!!!!!!!!!! this may contain spoilers

well this def does!!!

what u all think of ending?! i think it was fabby!!! cept the 19 years later bit i mean barf!!! come on !!!
I cba to read it someone tell me what happens :p
noooooo im not spoilin endin if u cba to read it :rofl: my sis asked me 2 do the v same so i lied 2 her!!!! :rofl:
i thought the 19 yr later bit was so sweet... it was nice to see how they all grew up and had families... the albus severus bit made me cry!!!!!!
noooooooooooooo it made me cringe :rofl: the whole thing with snape was fantastic i thot! wen harry travelled in his mind i was like omg teh whole time!
I never thought i would like snape but now i just feel sorry for him!

i cant believe everybody died though :( was crying all the way to the end
how good a film is this book gonna make!!! i cried my eyes out wen dobby died :( i was actually gutted :( howd u say teh word hocrux btw.... been debating with a few :rofl:

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