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    i miscarried at 5 weeks on December 5th. All symptoms and bleeding went away within days. We dtd December 4th and every other day since December 9th. The internet recommended not using opks since my cycle might be weird after, so we’re going this route just in case we catch an egg and then we’ll resume opks after af comes. However, I’ve been having ovulation symptoms since around December 12th and now the pregnant symptoms have started up. The 12th would have been O day had I not been pregnant. My hcg was down to 6 on the 14th so the symptoms can’t be from hcg. TMI part. Cervix was high soft and open since around the 10th. My biggest O symptom is #2 trouble, mainly constipation, and that started up around the 12th. Eases up a bit if I don’t try to go for a while but then I’m also getting cramps from being backed up. And then for several days now, my breasts have been HUGE. They puffed up first when I was pregnant then off and on sore. Every now and then I get a few twinges but not as bad as before, but the main symptom is how they swelled up. And last, my vagina walls swelled up making it hard to dtd when I was pregnant before and that’s the only time I’ve ever had that happen. And it’s back. Any thoughts? I’m sure it’s way too soon to test and I’ve been resisting, but I bought a box of 50 cheapies when I lost the first baby and they’re begging to be used!
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I think you should start testing next week. At this point the HCG from your miscarriage should be out of your system and what you get should be a true positive or negative. You don't always have a wacky cycle after a MC, but it does happen. You could have ovulated early around the 12th, or right on time. Maybe so you don't have any of that stress on Christmas, start testing after?
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    I'm so sorry for your loss :hugs: Thinking of you and praying for a positive outcome for you <3

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