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TMI Question


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Jan 5, 2008
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how many of u are having constipation?? I did with last preg but this time i am on pregnancy vitamins and im also on glucophage (when ttc i needed insulin level to lower) i some times suffer from dihorrea :blush: well alot actually....has anyone else had this?? xxxxxx
I have really really really bad constipation!! And ive been constipated for a long time now..I cant poo :( So im getting all crampy and keep fatring but no pooing going on I really need to go but nothing happens :( I bought fibersure and started taking that but nothing yet so far..Im going to bring it up at my next doc appt and see if she can give me somthing to poo!! :( I havnt had a proper poo in weeks! WAH!
:hugs: c im now worried as i know ur meant to have constipation and i aint lol xxxxxxxx
Yup me, but i only got it recently.
I wouldnt worry too much, at your stage i didnt have it then.
i have just searched it onine and it says it an be normal due to hormonal changes......thanks xxxxxxxxx
Yep hun, and it is normal. Its just the hormonal changes going on in your body. One minute you'll be living on the loo the next you dont go for days. :)
Will taking fybergel help anyone know??? Gonna start on it now before i am at a bad point lol
yeh ive heard its good ive got 2 huge boxes here in my cupboard i cant stand it it makes me urge lol xxxxxx
I havent... im just normal poo wise!! :rofl:
I had this until 20weeks or so. Fibre gel is the best thing to take. It helped me throughout it. But sometime if your completely back logged this isnt quite enough. So nip your doc who can proscribe Lactolose which is safe for use in pregnancy and is a light laxitive to help shift it :) XxxX
I usualy have dioreah (before pg) But since BFP I am only poohing every 4 days! ish!
I've only just become constipated over the past few days. I was absolutley fine before that! Now I'm crampy and gassy, and I go to the loo and nothing (or very little) happens! Argh!
I think I also had loose bowels in the early days. Now I have loads of gas (wow) but not constipated. Not as regular as I used to be but once a day still. My hubby wakes me up with a bowl of meusli every morning - I'm sure that helps
I had the runs around the time I got my BFP but in the last 10 days I've been really blocked up. It's weird, I do tend to go every day but I'm still constipated, if that makes sense?? I guess at least I'm going. Also having probs with wind - hoping it will hold off for my evening class tonight!

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