Trouble sleeping! (Rant!)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Waiting4Baby, Apr 8, 2009.

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    Yesterday, I got a total of four hours in bed, not necessarily sleeping. I was in and out of bed to pee, sneeze and blow my nose, pee again, etc. My allergies were just so horrible I had to get up and stay up. I didn't want to wake up my husband and I wasn't really sleeping anyway. So, that sucked.

    Today, I got more sleep, but it was, again, very broken up. I had to get up to pee only once or twice, but my ribs were killing me!! They've been hurting when I'm sitting and I slouch too much, so I'll just sit back and it feels better, but now apparently I can't lay on my side! I also can't sleep on my back because baby smashes everything... so what option do I have left? I ended up sleeping on the couch because it's the only way to sleep with my head & back elevated, seeing as I only have one pillow.

    I can't explain to you the agony I was waking up in. It's only on the right side right under my boob that hurts and it hurts whether I'm laying on my right or left... used to be I could just turn over onto my left side and it would be fine... not anymore.

    So, now, I think that today is my day to go shopping for a memory foam pad for my mattress. (Did I forget to mention? Our mattress is horrible and I can feel pretty much every single spring digging into me.) I used to have one and it helped A LOT with getting comfy, and as far as I remember, didn't cost more than like, $30. So, that's easier for now than buying a whole new mattress that I can't afford because we need baby things and possibly an exterminator for ants!! :hissy:

    Oh, and if it's not my ribs, then I wake up because I smashed or hit my ankle that's all swollen and sore from hitting it on my OH's truck.

    By the way, it seems like lately my OH and I have had very bad luck, almost like every day is "one of those days" where everything goes wrong and you somehow manage to screw everything up. :cry:

    I reckon I'll have to break down and talk to my doctor about my ribs and allergies keeping me up at night. But I have a very hard time remembering my questions and comments for her when I see her. :blush: I'd blame it on pregnancy brain, but I've always been like that with doctors. Somehow they completely distract me and I lose my memory of preparing for the appointment.
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    hope the memory foam helps you!!! maybe try getting a pregnancy body pillow also!! hope your allergies ease up. The rib pain is prob from your uterus stretching and pushing your other organs up to your ribs

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