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    I am 27 year old male married in Feb 2010. Still could not conceive. My sperm analysis and testosterone analysis reports are as below. Please Advise.

    My testosterone count was: 316.

    My sperm analysis report is
    Quantity: 3ml
    Transparency: OPAQUE
    Viscousity: Viscous
    Time of Liquification: 30 minutes
    pH: 7.5
    Fructose: POSITIVE
    Total Sperm Count: 35 MILL/ML
    Live Count: 30 MILL/ML
    Sperm Per Ejaculate: 105 MILL
    Percentage Motile Sperm: 87%
    Rapid Linear Progression: 15%
    Slow Linear Progression: 55%
    Non Linear Progression: 30%
    Normal Form: 45%
    Large Oval: 30%
    Amorphous: 25%
    WBCs: 2

    My wife's testosterone was around 113.

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